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Princeton University: The US Had Become A Full Fledged Oligarchy By 2002

Princeton University: The US Had Become A Full Fledged Oligarchy By 2002

The United States of America has transformed from a Republic to an oligarchy, according to a scientific study at Princeton University.

The paper is entitled Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups and Average Citizens and it is a last call for patriots who want to live free!

America isn’t even considered a Democracy, which many mistakenly believe it is (or was), according to this research that studied almost 2000 government policies enacted between 1981 and 2002. So it’s not even taking into account the unconstitutional and obviously communist policies of the last few years under Obama’s totalitarian reign.


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  1. Giove Dede
    Giove Dede January 02, 02:32

    No president, politician, or business people should be allowed so much control to be able to change our laws or nation to the way they want. Or against or constitution. Teaching the constitution and truthful American history should be taught in our schools. And all hate groups and any leaders, politician that teaches hate and disrespect to others should be put out of office of jailed. There should be a limit to freedom of speech when it comes to people hating or wanting to murder or if hate against our nation.

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  2. Sherwood Vaughan
    Sherwood Vaughan January 02, 07:52

    Without election integrity we the people have no control. Voter I.D. will only help if we have complete integrity at the polls and in the vote counting process.

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