Outrage After City Imposes HUGE Tax on Soda

Knowing full well that their fellow citizens will have their heads if they ban soda outright, progressives have resorted to sneaky measures to deprive others of artificially-sweetened drinks. Just this week, Philadelphia has enacted an absurd law that requires citizens to pay a $3 “sugar tax” on top of the $6 they already pay for bottles of soda, meaning that people are being punished for having the temerity to drink a beverage deemed “unsafe” by government bureaucrats:

“Will blue collar voters like the Dems they elected after their next soda? If Democrats keep this up, they can expect to never win back the middle class.

They’re selling this 1.5 cents per ounce sugar tax on soda as a tax to benefit the schools. It’s doubtful it will ever make it to the schools or won’t for long.

A Philadelphia judge has dismissed the beverage industry’s lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia over the so-called soda tax in a 14-page decision issued Friday. But the fight is far from over since an attorney for the plaintiffs says an appeal is coming.

Judge Gary S. Glazer dismissed the complaint “in its entirety. He claimed the tax is not a tax.”

phili soda tax

Source: Independent Sentinel



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