Obama Hid Intel on Iran Terrorist Activities to Advance Nuclear Deal

Last week a report surfaced that congressional leaders have called for an investigation into Iran using Iran Air to transport militant fighters into Syria to aid the Assad regime.

Florida Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis, who strongly opposed the Iran nuclear deal, claims the Obama administration ignored clear evidence of Iran Air’s illicit activity in order to appease the Tehran regime and keep the deal alive.

As the Obama administration was shipping palettes of cash to Iran, the mullahs were sending militants to wage jihad in Syria. The Obama administration turned a blind eye to this and other transgressions because it was so intent on delivering major sanctions relief to the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism, the Iranian government.”

Joining DeSantis in his criticism is fellow Republican congressman Peter Roskam of Illinois. Roskam claims anyone can use social media and public flight tracking websites to trace Iran Air flights to Syria that were well beyond established commercial schedules.

Aiding and abetting the deceit was then-Secretary of State John Kerry (whose daughter married an Iranian), who worked to promote trade with Iranian companies, including Iran Air.

The multi-billion dollar Boeing deal with Iran Air calls for the manufacturer to supply the rogue regime with a much larger fleet than currently needed to meet its domestic requirements. Clearly, the excess aircraft would be used to help Iran spread terrorism around the globe.

Lawmakers upset with Iran’s obvious illegal use of commercial aircraft have asked the Trump administration to freeze all licenses needed for the Boeing deal with Iran to move forward.

Boeing and its supporters claim the deal will create many American jobs. Opponents argue that American workers shouldn’t be complicit in aiding illegal Iranian activity.

One highly vocal critic is Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser, who agrees that the Obama administration knowingly looked the other way at Iran’s use of commercial aircraft for military purposes and worked to push the Boeing deal forward.

The Boeing deal is where corruption meets national security. One of the biggest proponents of the Iran deal was Thomas Pickering, a former ambassador whom the Obama administration brought in to assuage Congress and re-up its talking points in the media,” Rubin said. “Pickering never acknowledged, however—even to Congress—that at the time he had a lucrative consulting gig with Boeing in order to enable that company to profit off any Iran deal.”

Rubin claims the proposed Boeing deal will provide Iran with triple the commercial aircraft needed for civilian transport. He accuses Obama and Kerry of ignoring national security in order to achieve their narrow political ends.

The controversy puts the Trump administration in a complicated position while trying to balance national security interests with legitimate trade interests.

Roskam and a delegation of other Republican congressmen petitioned the Trump Treasury Department last week to investigate photographic evidence showing Iran using Iran Air to ferry militants into Syria.”

The revelation of the Obama deceit leads many to question what other illegal Iranian activities were ignored or hidden in order to preserve a bogus deal that ultimately will lead to Iran having nuclear weapons.

Source: Washington Free Beacon




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