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Obama, Clinton Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy By Egyptian Lawmakers

  • Obama, Clinton Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy By Egyptian Lawmakers

    Obama “cooperated, incited and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes”, like murder, rape and ethnic cleansing, according to lawmakers in Egypt, who’s filed criminal complaints against Obama.

    Obama also funneled cash to high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood officials, who mass murdered police and Christians.

    Hilary aided Obama in a secret $8 billion bribe to the Muslim Brotherhood to turn over the Sinai Peninsula over to Hamas.

    When will these criminals be brought to justice?

    In two separate criminal complaints, Egyptian lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    According to one of the criminal charges,  Hillary Clinton was found to be working with ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmood, in attempting to overthrow the current leader of Egypt, General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out all the details about the traitor in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, and his Muslim Brotherhood collaborator, Hillary Rodham Clinton.




    1. Art Contessotto
      Art Contessotto October 21, 14:06

      Obummer and the ‘Bicth of Bengasi’ are traitors.

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    2. Carol N Joe Hubbard
      Carol N Joe Hubbard October 21, 14:48

      KILL EM BOTH !!!!

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    3. Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis October 21, 14:53

      Hahahahahahahahaha Steve Ray you gotta see this lol you’ll like when it comes toward the end lol

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    4. Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis October 21, 14:55

      Where is this evidence?? I don’t like Obama but if these people had such evidence where is it at?? I mean really if someone had that it would bring so much up then again use it still to gain leverage and use them! Maybe that’s why Obama gave them new trucks??!!

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    5. Donald Barnett
      Donald Barnett October 21, 14:59

      traitor !!

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    6. Adam Ray
      Adam Ray October 21, 15:54

      Why does this not surprise me not one little bit.

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    7. Chuck Isaman
      Chuck Isaman October 21, 17:14

      Told Ya he’s a crook…

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    8. Cary Fritz
      Cary Fritz October 21, 17:22

      Let’s get back to reality, Zionist fags. There is no “Muslim Brotherhood” conspiracy controlling America. lol

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    9. Joseph E Gdowski
      Joseph E Gdowski October 21, 18:36

      This is not NEW! The American People must have their heads buried in the sand.

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    10. Steve Bogdan
      Steve Bogdan October 21, 21:21

      Yes. But can she dance without a pole?

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    11. Bruce Iverson
      Bruce Iverson October 21, 21:34

      Hillary will never go back to bill

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    12. Charlotte Nasise
      Charlotte Nasise October 21, 22:09

      Members of the Muslim Brotherhood are placed in all kinds of positions in our government. Its the Muslim form of the Trojan Horse.

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    13. Mike Perdue
      Mike Perdue October 21, 22:20

      still you doubt

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    14. Bill Floyd
      Bill Floyd October 22, 01:36

      Your tinfoil hat has a hole in it and your ignorance is leaking out.

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    15. Norm McGregor
      Norm McGregor October 22, 06:13

      He is a self proclaimed muslim ! studied communism and socialism in college that soros, and bill ayers ‘” terrorist “, and others payed for !

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    16. Dacey Booker
      Dacey Booker October 22, 09:59

      NONE OF THIS is true. NONE OF IT! But I bet some people here are actually going to believe not just the lies of this “story,” but also that that horribly photoshopped image is “real.”

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    17. Roger Amesquita
      Roger Amesquita October 22, 10:45

      american rats

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    18. Larry Durbin
      Larry Durbin October 22, 11:01

      Do you need anymore proof that this dude is against us,and not for us

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    19. Anthony D. Pace
      Anthony D. Pace October 22, 12:56

      If you think Obama is a “secret” Muslim, you have issues.

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    20. Scott Vejar
      Scott Vejar October 22, 13:46

      The U.N. should arrest them….

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    21. Mary Beaty
      Mary Beaty October 22, 15:27

      Some people might really believe this. SMH

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    22. Celeste Poston
      Celeste Poston October 22, 16:05

      Here’s their rapists & idol babbel stone worshippers. Destroying man. Y blame Iraq & Syria anymore.

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    23. Lisa D Wetherbee
      Lisa D Wetherbee October 22, 20:46

      he knew? do i need to remind you once again that obama is not a god, he doesn’t know all, see all he is just a man

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    24. Kyle Faunce
      Kyle Faunce October 23, 07:51

      Another stupid article provided. By lies in action. This site is BS

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    25. Carol Scott
      Carol Scott October 23, 09:11

      Probably been removed for lack of authenticity

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    26. Carolyn Harper
      Carolyn Harper October 23, 12:55


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    27. Lynda Jarrard Krop
      Lynda Jarrard Krop October 23, 20:14

      They may as well be holding a head

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    28. Mondo Sal
      Mondo Sal October 23, 21:05

      Wow ig you believe this then move to the middle east

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    29. John Neff
      John Neff October 23, 21:44

      Obvious photoshop is obvious.

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    30. Donna Summerlin
      Donna Summerlin October 24, 09:10

      maybe this is photoshopped, but their record speaks loud and clear!

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    31. Millie Burns
      Millie Burns October 24, 09:21

      I hope they get them good. Our own elected people are worthless as they are doing nothing to stop these crooks.

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    32. Gloria Helms
      Gloria Helms October 24, 13:33

      Good about time somebody charged them our congress sure doesn’t have the balls to

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    33. Bryan Davis
      Bryan Davis October 24, 13:50

      these two are the enemy’s with in

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    34. Joseph A. Trasciatti-Holmberg
      Joseph A. Trasciatti-Holmberg October 24, 15:14


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    35. John Brookhouser
      John Brookhouser October 24, 15:28

      sorry but it’s been debunked like most BS coming from the right. you guys sure are desperate.

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    36. David Valdez
      David Valdez October 24, 18:04

      Come get them, you can have them.

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    37. Robert Hook
      Robert Hook October 24, 20:43

      As usual..not a single fact to back any of this.

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    38. Barbara Pierson
      Barbara Pierson October 24, 21:31

      They are the scum on the bottom of my shoe from an airplane bathroom

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    39. Denise Bosher
      Denise Bosher October 25, 07:46

      its true.

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    40. Ben Standard
      Ben Standard October 25, 11:40

      charged …. but they won’t be convicted.

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    41. Nancy Walters
      Nancy Walters October 25, 11:44

      I hope they are convicted, they are crooks

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    42. Jerry Gray
      Jerry Gray October 25, 13:13

      Put them in prison

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    43. Ken Leary
      Ken Leary October 25, 13:50

      If these two Commies ate proven guilty of these Egyptian charges, extradite them both to Egypt to be executed.

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    44. Ernest Dean
      Ernest Dean October 25, 14:14

      All you leftist screaming it’s not so. Why did Obama stop any support to Egypt after their threat? He has armed every terrorist group in the world. He just supplied ISIS with 40,000 weapons and claims it was dropped in wrong site. Yea ok! Can’t debunk it when he admits it on tv! But I see the problem with leftist. You still bringing up Bush and he’s been gone for 6 years. We can’t change what he did 6 years ago, and because he screwed up some things doesn’t make it ok that The next one does it to. 2 wrongs will never make a right. So try to live in the present.

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    45. Apostle Bishop Thomas
      Apostle Bishop Thomas October 25, 14:57

      as Hillary talks about womnes rights…ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol…right..

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    46. James Devito
      James Devito October 25, 16:35

      Not surprised they should both be tried for treason!

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