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Obama Arms ISIS To Defeat ISIS – Obama’s ISIS War Is A COMPLETE RUSE

Obama Arms ISIS To Defeat ISIS – Obama’s ISIS War Is A COMPLETE RUSE

According to retired Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer, the vast majority of the ‘opposition’ to ISIS is actually linked to ISIS. When we arm these ‘moderate terrorists’, which is Obama’s plan to defeat them, we are actually arming them.

We just gave 43 Toyota trucks to the Syrian rebels and they ended up in the hands of ISIS.

We have actually been arming ISIS for years, we even trained them at a camp in Jordan.

Obama may or may not be very bright, but nobody is stupid enough to sit there and watch your arms flow from your ‘friendly terrorists’ and end up in the hands of your ‘enemy terrorists’ for years and not put a stop to it.

Obama is a Muslim man who is here to take down this country and he’s aided by the Muslim Brotherhood that occupies all branches of our government, as noted by retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin.



  1. Virgil Jacas
    Virgil Jacas September 15, 12:37

    They are playing Taquiyah !!!

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  2. JnShel VanDegeest
    JnShel VanDegeest September 15, 16:27

    No, he’s arming them to kill us…

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  3. Linda Buvens-Butts
    Linda Buvens-Butts September 15, 19:00

    I have been as nice as I can in my posting….I have prayed that I do not let anger come from my mouth….I will coninue to pray on that. Congress just does not seem to get what America wants….so this one time I will put it as bluntly as I can….Get this treasonist Muther Fkr out of MY WHITE HOUSE.

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  4. Jack Smith
    Jack Smith September 15, 19:10

    they all look alike kill them all let god sort them out period

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  5. Fred Chiu
    Fred Chiu September 16, 11:19

    Linda… spoken like a TRUE AMERICAN!! My applause to you! We are trying to give the foxes more chickens to devour. Don’t make my 23 years in the military go to waste. The resolve of the military men and women will take just so much….This is not the armed forces to be $#%&!@*ed with under any circumstances!Their wrath will not be contained ever!! Proud to be a VET and ready to go back if needed 24/7 for my brothers and sisters!!

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  6. Richard Maragni
    Richard Maragni September 17, 04:03

    America’s enemy is in the white house.

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  7. Komohana Green
    Komohana Green September 17, 21:12

    no shiit Sherlock, of course Americas fueling the wars were selling our enemies weaponry and explosives

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