NY Dems Appoint Morbidly Obese Feminist too Sick to Work to 6-figure 10-Year Judaical Gig

What does it take to be a liberal judge?  Too fat to walk up the 3 steps leading into the courtroom? Having such bad explosive diarrhea that aides would have to clean the entire area surrounding her in-between cases? Paying large sums of money to the people who appointed her? All on the next page and keep in mind that as ridiculous as this all sounds every word is true. Sources are also available on the next page. Check them out and learn more. You seriously can’t make up this level of liberal lunacy. And more importantly, the future of our country is dependent of reforming both our government and judiciary.

Elizabeth Shollenberger exploded onto the dirty political scene in suburban White Plains NY like a breath of fresh air. It’s little wonder that the all-democratic City Council decided to appoint their “well-connected” chairwoman to a juicy six-figure judicial seat despite her being too morbidly obese to fit through the courtroom door without special accommodations.

City Judge Elizabeth Shollenberger — who suffers from a digestive disorder and morbid obesity, among other ailments — was unable to climb the three steps to her courtroom bench, even with the help of a specially installed railing, sources said.

Nobody thought Shollenberger was actually healthy enough to do the job with or without special accommodations. Furthermore, the committee tasked with appointing a judge rejected her on grounds she was too sickly to hold a steady conversation let alone serve a 10-year judicial appointment.

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