Nine-Year-Old Girl Bullied by Teacher for Hunting Deer, “Killing animals is not what we do!”

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Hannah Copa

Many American parents enjoy and take pride in passing along traditional skills to their kids. Not only is it good for kids, but it is one more link that binds us together as Americans — strengthening and perpetuating our culture.
The problem they run into, however, is that there are institutions within our country that are very hostile to things considered “traditional.” That American culture has been under attack from the left for at least many decades is impossible to miss. Having made major inroads into our educational systems, liberals are well positioned to influence the students to reject American traditions and culture, oftentimes portraying them as evil.

So we shouldn’t be surprised to find a teacher taking a young student to task for killing her first buck while deer hunting.  The girl’s name is Domonique and she is nine.

[An] Ohio public school teacher [has been outed] for bullying a nine-year-old girl, Domonique Yatsko. Domonique’s offense? Proudly displaying a photo (containing no gore), on her sweatshirt, of her posing with a buck she had shot on her first day of deer hunting.

The name of the bullying teacher at Hinkley Elementary in Hinkley Township, Ohio, is Hanna Copa.

Actions have consequences, and this teacher’s offensive behavior only spread to other students at the school.

When Domonique showed up at school wearing her sweatshirt, proud of bagging a buck in her very first day of deer hunting, Ms. Copa reportedly shamed the girl, causing students at the school to ridicule her, telling the girl: “killing animals is not what we do.” After being ridiculed for her sweatshirt, Domonique threw it in the trash when she returned home.

The superintendent of the school district acknowledged that no violation of the district’s dress code was involved, but still refused to apologize.

It appears that neither the teacher nor the school principal has apologized to Domonique, even though her mother Heather has made clear: “I was looking for an apology for my child, that’s all.”

Aren’t we seeing public service videos on television encouraging students to take a stand against bullying? So instead we get bullying from teachers.

This is just typical leftist indoctrination. It’s despicable to treat a student in that way. But if a little bullying will help the liberal cause, it will just be overlooked.

For those interested in contacting the teacher, the principal, and/or the superintendent to urge that the teacher and principal issue a public, written apology to Domonique, here is their contact information (of course, if you write or call them, you should be as professional and respectful in tone as you would expect them to be in dealing with you or your child):

Teacher: Hannah Copa: [email protected]

Principal: James Carpenter: [email protected];  
(330) 239-1901.

Superintendent: Catherine Aukerman:
[email protected]; (330) 239-1901, ext. 1217.

Also, contact information for the Board of Education is here. The contact information for its president, Dr. Norman Christopher, is here.

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