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Newly Unveiled Evidence Shows Feds Ordered LaVoy Finicum’s Death

Newly Unveiled Evidence Shows Feds Ordered LaVoy Finicum’s Death

New evidence surrounding Oregon protestor LaVoy Finicum’s death has many openly questioning whether the government’s version of events were truly what transpired, or if his murder was called for by the government itself.

Eagle Rising claims to have uncovered proof that the latter is true, and that the call came from someone very high up the military ladder, according to a deposition of an officer familiar with the matter.

The Oregon occupation that led to Finicum’s death had for weeks been a nightmare for the government, as the protestors were shedding light on government deals and unjust sentencing that the feds would much rather have kept under wraps. That, plus the PR headache that came along with their inability to control the situation in a satisfactory way — in many people’s eyes — may have been jut enough to make the call to end the occupation once and for all, by any means necessary.

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  1. Bart Marvin
    Bart Marvin April 01, 15:39

    Oh? And where does one hear this ‘call to take them out’? Or could that be those voices in your head, again?

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  2. RJ Stidham
    RJ Stidham April 01, 15:43

    It’s was reported after he returned from their little family vacation he made the call OK I heard this believe it or not just saying !

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  3. Bart Marvin
    Bart Marvin April 01, 15:45

    Punctuation is your friend. Oh, wait, maybe you prefer it typed thusly: PUNCTUATION IS YOUR FRIEND.

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  4. Bart Marvin
    Bart Marvin April 01, 15:47

    An ambush? You mean when he sat in his truck and told them to shoot him several times? Oh, yeah. THAT ambush.

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  5. Bart Marvin
    Bart Marvin April 01, 15:48

    It wasn’t murder. It was a death wish. He asked to be shot, and shot he was.

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  6. Bart Marvin
    Bart Marvin April 01, 15:50

    That hand needs to be tinier. It’s Donald Trump we are talking here.

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  7. James Ray Top
    James Ray Top April 01, 15:52

    Good one Bart lol

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  8. Wylie Mitchell
    Wylie Mitchell April 01, 15:54

    Yeah, an ambush.., what are you yaking about? Finicum was clearly out of his truck the moment it stopped, getting away from thw truck with his hands up. I don’t know what grass you smoke, the agents involved are under investigation for blatantly killing him.

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  9. Mike Schultz
    Mike Schultz April 01, 19:30

    Sir, you are a , LIBERAL, and no one in your family gets shot unarmed by our government and they get killed and someone says something stupid like that when hands are up. AMERICANS IS STILL AMERICANS and no matter how stupid, was surrendering like white flag, hope this don’t happen to you, stupid LIBERAL, YES SIR i CAN SAY THAT I served, and that vet should not have been killed on AMERICAN soil

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  10. rictic
    rictic May 19, 06:37

    Bart Matin

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