Has the New World Order Finally Had Enough?

It is very difficult to argue that the world just two or three days ago was a very different world. Much like the way many people view September 11, 2001, and how even the morning of that horrific attack on America, we were completely unaware of just how utterly bloodthirsty the radical Islamic Jihadists were in their mission of destroying the United States, the headlines today reflect a very different vibe than they did just a half-week ago.

With the announcement two days ago by Nancy Pelosi of the House Democrats’ intention to begin impeachment proceedings of Donald Trump, the markets reacted instantly. Before her five-plus-minutes message was even concluded, stockholders were on their phones with their brokers, panicking as they often do when something so monumental occurs.

But the Democrats knew this. They were well aware of the impact this would have on Wall Street and the world markets. Perhaps it was intentional.

Luongo also believes that this was intentional. In fact, he’s taken it one step further and written a column that explains how none of this, nor other world events that have occurred within mere hours of each other, is coincidental. His contention is that the New World Order and its globalist enablers and drones installed in every body politic around the globe, have bet on this to be the catalyst for chaotic upheaval the likes of which we have not witnessed since the bursting of the Housing Bubble in the waning years of the Bush 43 administration.


You know I think there are no coincidences in politics. Everything happens on a particular schedule. So when I see a day as crazy as today I have to ask the question, “Why this, why now?”

Look at the headlines and you’ll see what I’m talking about. All of these things happened since I woke up at 7:30am Monday morning in Florida:

The British Supreme Court just arrogated unprecedented power to itself by inserting itself into any dispute between the Government and Parliament. This upends more than 300 years of constitutional process.

The Democrats have announced they will pursue impeachment charges against President Trump because an unverified, hearsay whistleblower made a complaint about a phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski. Impeachment odds soared overnight as someone was tipped off about the Democrats’ plan.

Bitcoin’s hashrate mysteriously flash-crashed more than 40% presaging a massive $1500 drop in price.
Donald Trump delivered a blistering critique of socialism at the United Nations General Assembly.

Europe’s Trio of Faded Glory — The UK, France and Germany — joined in the chorus of unverified condemnation of Iran in the attack on the Saudi oil field on the 14th.

The Federal Reserve continues to bail out banks to the tune of $65 to $75 billion per day through overnight repo operations that no one can give us an explanation as to why they’re needed.

This feels to me like a multi-level coup against those that dare stand athwart the global power structure. Both British and American leadership institutions are under sincere attack with these moves.

The not-so-subtle message is, “We own you. We are in control and always will be.” Your champions will be harassed until they are completely neutered and bereft of any ability to implement the changes you want.

It is difficult to deny that all THIS is merely coincidence. For the trio of the United Kingdom, France and Germany to completely throw Saint Barack under the bus by jointly announcing that they believe that the Iran Nuclear Deal was a mistake and should be reviewed and possibly withdrawn from, one must stretch his mind to think that this proclamation falls within the confines of a commonsense event. Even more difficult to comprehend is those very same leaders, particularly France’s Macron and Germany’s Merkel, in essence AGREEING with President Trump’s assessment that this was an unmitigated disaster from the start is mindboggling.

Luongo is right to point out many of these assertions, but then goes one step further in identifying exactly what he believes the underlying message and meaning behind these events actually is.

So guess what? The Democrats would not be pushing for this if they ddin’t think they have the votes in the House and the Senate to get this done. Ignore the conventional wisdom on this. They were wrong in the UK.
They will be wrong here, unless Trump has something else up his sleeve.

His removing John Bolton and refusal to attack Iran is driving the neoconservatives to apoplexy. They want their holy war against the apostate Shi’ites and they will get it. Mike Pence will be their avatar until such time as he can be removed through a sham election in 2020.

If this wasn’t the case they wouldn’t be risking what’s left of their political future defending a senile old man, Joe Biden, who they don’t actually want to be the candidate anyway.

It’s a coup folks.

And the full court press is on in this coup for your sanity and to radicalize you into violence. They are daring us to strike back here so then they can be justified in going on full lockdown and cancel future elections.

They have to do this. Their financial markets are in the early stages of collapse. The dollar liquidity crisis has started which will drain Europe of its life blood.

The ramifications of these actions, if true, should chill you to the bone. We as Americans have perhaps been whistling past the graveyard for far too long in our belief that this is OUR country. There are forces that are much older and much more organized than anything we can possibly imagine except in the most outlandish fiction.

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