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Muslim Terrorists Accompany Illegal Minors Across The Border

Muslim Terrorists Accompany Illegal Minors Across The Border

A congressional report has confirmed that Muslim terrorists are are blending in with the illegal minors to cross the border.

Obama’s invitation for illegal minors to come into this country by the thousands has provided Muslim terrorists the perfect cover to enter our country.

The destruction of America for Obama seems to be almost complete with this. Terrorists actions that will commence as as a result will allow Obama to institute martial law and label anyone as a terrorist.

Source: Action News 2
Photo: Action News 2



  1. Shirley Reddell
    Shirley Reddell November 15, 06:22

    The Muslim fighters are already here!!!

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  2. Verne Scott Babcock
    Verne Scott Babcock November 15, 08:20

    Open season no bag limit

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  3. Gerald Tupa
    Gerald Tupa November 17, 20:53

    Sniper on the line

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