Military Warns About Vulnerability That Could Wipe Out America

One would think that if our country had a vulnerability that gave any country with a satellite and a nuke the ability to kill off 90% of the U.S. population that we would work around the clock to neutralize it. Such a threat does in fact exist and has for quite some time, it’s called an EMP attack.

Not only are Russia and China are very capable of carrying out such an attack, but smaller countries such as North Korea and Iran are as well. A secret Iranian military playbook was discovered calling for such an attack.

In order for Iran to carry out an EMP attack they would need a nuclear weapon, a missile capable of achieving the necessary altitude, anywhere from 25 to 250 miles above the Earth’s surface, and a platform to launch it.

Iran has at least 2 of these in place.

Navy Vice Admiral James Syring states that North Korea and Iran could achieve the ability to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile as early as this year.

But Iran doesn’t really need a such a long range missile. A successful EMP attack could be carried out with a cheap missile launched from a freighter in international waters. A missile could also be launched off of one of their satellites.

“We are ready for the decisive battle against the U.S. and the Zionist regime,” announced Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Hassan Firouzabadi in 2014.

Republicans in Congress have repeatedly tried to pass the SHIELD Act, by Rep. Trent Franks. According to a 2008 EMP Commission estimate, it would cost only around $2 billion to protect our national electric grid.

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