Military Helicopters Spotted In Phoenix Skies

One can understand that no prior notice about the exercise was given to Phoenix residents because of the likely sensitive nature of the operation, but as mentioned before, if that was the case, then the military could have easily conducted in a much more secluded and secure place if it wished. And it’s not the only one of it’s or a similar kind to happen recently. Per Infowars:

“’It was all quiet and then all of a sudden a big wave, we saw helicopter after helicopter just coming in,’ reports ABC15.

In reality, the Phoenix Police Chief says citizens had nothing to fear as the drill had been in the works for months.

‘These military practices are planned months in advance for safety reasons,’ Phoenix Police Sergeant Jonathon Howard told the ABC affiliate. ‘There’s a reason it was done here at 9 o’clock at night and we had the roads shut down.’

Earlier this month, residents along the West Coast were also shocked when the US Navy tested ballistic missiles near San Diego.”

These same Navy missiles have been previously covered by Truth And Action, which offers a possible explanation for their true purpose:

“An Unidentified Flying Object spotted off the coast of California which many had originally speculated was some kind of alien spacecraft was confirmed to be a Trident II thermonuclear missile.

The official story is that the Navy was conducting a routine missile test and that, although the missile was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, was ‘unarmed.’ Many Californians contacted local police departments and media outlets to report their sightings.

As if the Pacific Ocean had shrunk and they needed to scare Americans by launching it over American territory.

The FAA placed flight restrictions on one of the most frequently used approach paths for international and domestic travel, interrupting travel and inconveniencing many passengers. The question remains as to why this test was made so public, rather than being conducted further out to sea, far from the public eye. One explanation is that the U.S. is sending a message to Russia and China that we are prepared to war if the global political situation escalates further.

In fact, a covert war is likely being waged by China and the United States.”

Source: InfowarsTruth And Action




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