Michael Moore Wants to Remove Right to Vote For “That Which Gave Us Trump!”

Far-Left filmmaker Michael Moore has never minced words when it came to what he believes is a sickness in this country…and that is anyone who thinks, speaks, or votes even slightly leaning on the Right. Moore has made a career out of bashing Republicans and Christians, started with the film that shot him into Democratic stardom, “Fahrenheit 911.”

In his efforts to remove Donald Trump from office, even before he was inaugurated, Moore has even marched in the Women’s March on Washington, dubbing himself an honorary woman in order to ingratiate himself to the Progressive movement.

Those days are over when he could say that removing Trump from office would be good for the nation. Now, it’s gotten to the point where he believes it’s also necessary to remove the voting rights of “certain people” who might try to replace this Trump with another one.


He continued, “So, it’s like if you really want to go to number one. After what we heard today, he shouldn’t be there in that White House, in our White House, another single day. Somebody said earlier on one of the shows here that —that in the— in the old days, there would be a delegation of Republicans going up to the White House today to say, ‘You know what? That’s it.’”

He added, “So, that’s job one. Job one for the election next year is to make sure that we not only get rid of Trump or Trump’s replacement, but we get rid of that which gave us Trump. That’s really what the real issue should be.”

Moore is literally advocating for the removal of voting rights of Trump supporters and people like them who would give us a Trump-like candidate. If that’s not Fascist, it certainly borders on Fascism.

Not noted in the Breitbart piece, however, is the fact that Moore, in his attempts to bash Trump even more, ended up mistakenly admitting that Trump’s economy is the best it’s ever been for African Americans. Here’s what he said: “I said, the majority of the working class actually are women, people of color and young people are paid the least. So, when we say working class, it’s always, we’re always evoking this image of lunch bucket, Joe. The actual working class of 2019 is a 30-year-old black woman. That’s really the working class. And when you say working class, I want everybody to always think, now, that’s a 30-year-old black woman, because that is what the working class is.”

Isn’t it somewhat refreshing to hear a Democrat finally admit that TODAY, black women are the working class? It’s certainly a far cry from the way Democrats normally view and depict the average African American. Can anyone remember the last time when a Democrat was talking about the downtrodden people of color who were out of work?

Exactly right. During the Obama years.

Source: Breitbart


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