Meryl Streep Fails to Realize that Conservatives Attend the Movies, Too

Free speech, especially on matters of politics, is a sacred right guaranteed to Americans. It is essential to the functioning of our Republic. So Hollywood stars have as much right to express their minds as anyone.

However, what things have morphed into is a political vendetta lead by people such as Michael Moore and now Meryl Streep. It’s not just a matter of opposing Trump or what he stands for — it gets personal to the point where half the country has every right to be offended. That they can say what the please is true, but is it appropriate to use every public venue in which they participate to launch into tirades against Trump and is supporters?  No, and it’s a stupid thing to do.

Imagine a door-to-door salesman telling a customer, “I really hate cat people.”

The door might get slammed in his or her face if Fuzzy is lurking between the homeowner’s feet.

It’s essentially what Hollywood pulled off Sunday night during the annual Golden Globes telecast. Once again, celebrities turned a night meant to honor their best and brightest into a one-sided political screed. In doing so, the assembled glitterati told roughly half the nation to take a hike.

That is precisely what happened. The viewers who tuned in expected to be entertained, and perhaps some were, but half of the country was not only told to “take a hike,” but was insulted and denigrated at the same time.

After various other luminaries used air time to attack Mr. Trump, Meryl Streep took to the stage, and exceed her colleagues in the vitriol she launched against not only Donald Trump, but those who voted for him.

The three-time Oscar winner personally accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award for her lifetime in the arts. It’s a rare, and perfectly deserved, honor for the gifted star.

Did she thank all the people who helped her along the way? Was she humbled to receive such an honor?

We’ll never know. She spent her entire speech slamming Trump. It would have been just as inappropriate if Streep had given a stem-winder on Trump’s business acumen.

A Hollywood awards ceremony was just the wrong place for her to launch into her diatribe, much of what was based on a falsehood to boot. And it really doesn’t make much sense, either.

Doesn’t she realize Red State voters see movies, too? Are they going to line up for her next film after she just grossly insulted their preferred presidential candidate? In what other industry do workers routinely trash half of their customer base?

The insufferable arrogance of celebrities like Streep is appalling. They truly are in their on little worlds.

People who previously were not aware of the depths of Streep’s animosity toward conservative voters, certainly do now. And they now have every reason to be offended — as well as to perhaps choose some other form of entertainment rather than showing up at the movie theater.


Source: The Hill



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