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Massive Civil Disobedience Occuring In Connecticut Against New Gun Laws

Massive Civil Disobedience Occuring In Connecticut Against New Gun Laws

A massive act of civil disobedience is happening right now in Connecticut as there are literally hundreds of thousands of people that refuse to comply with the new gun registration laws – making them all felons.

If a little ol’ state like Connecticut can muster 100,000’s of patriots willing to become felons to protect their rights…well, the precedent has been set to an ‘American standard’ now hasn’t it?!

“If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so” – Thomas Jefferson

Source: Fox News
Photo: Fox News


  1. Norman Penman
    Norman Penman June 30, 19:13

    Those 100,000 are going to end up DHS camps.

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  2. William Davis
    William Davis June 30, 20:41

    Thank God for sanity in , Ohio.

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  3. Mel Wade
    Mel Wade June 30, 20:42

    Let them have it square in their faces Connecticut!!!

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  4. Tracy Brouillard
    Tracy Brouillard June 30, 21:33

    Every honest law abiding gun owner should not only back Connecticut but be prepared to to the same, we the people own this country our fore fathers saw to that. And the constitution was written to protect our rights. If we the people don’t wake up stand up and be prepared to fight for our rights then be prepare for what happened to the Jewish people in Germany to happen here. But here they will not single out one race they will take everyone who does not conform.

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  5. Dennis Hynes
    Dennis Hynes July 01, 08:14

    remember to vote for those that will obey they constitution

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  6. Don N Marilyn Speakman
    Don N Marilyn Speakman July 01, 11:50

    as one of the original 13 colonies that founded our country, maybe the rest of the states should follow suit……………….

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