Leftist Judge Attacks Military Cemetery, Argues Memorial Crosses Unconstitutional

The fact remains that the vast majority of this country has and still does identify with the Christian faith. At least nominally. Hence, we see a lot of Christian symbols around the nation. None of these prevent Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, or anyone else from worshipping as they wish or not at all.

Adherents to some religious faiths prefer to bury their dead in cemeteries dedicated exclusively to members of that faith. No problem. Military cemeteries are a different matter as there will be those of different faiths laid to rest in the same plot of ground. A walk through such a cemetery will see crosses as well as stars of David and even crescents on the markers of the graves.

The outrage arrives in the form of a federal judge who has found a large cross erected on a military cemetery to be unconstitutional. Had you been able to share this decision with the founders of this country and authors of the Constitution, you would no doubt have been met with puzzled faces.

There is a very real possibility that war memorial crosses at Arlington National Cemetery could be in jeopardy, a federal judge warned in a chilling dissent to a court case involving the fate of a 90-year-old monument honoring soldiers in Bladensburg, Maryland.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday refused to revisit an October decision that declared the 90-year-old “Peace Cross” was unconstitutional because it rests on public property.

The monument is a memorial to the 49 men from Prince George’s County, Maryland who died fighting for liberty in World War I.

The memorial, paid for by the American Legion and local citizens, consists of a large Celtic cross on a pedestal inscribed with the words “Valor,” “Endurance,” “Courage,” and “Devotion.”

More than likely, these veterans were Christians, so this might be seen as a grave marker for a group as opposed to, or in addition to, crosses on their individual graves. That a judge would have a problem with this shows just how serious of a problem that judge himself has.

The American Humanist Association, which represents a vicious gang of humanist and atheist thugs, was responsible for filing the original lawsuit.

“Government war memorials should respect all veterans, not just those from one religious group,” AHA attorney Monica Miller said. “The cross unconstitutionally endorses Christianity and favors Christian soldiers to exclusion of all others.”

That, of course, is an outright lie perpetrated by some very bad people.

The Establishment Clause actually allows monuments that include religious symbols and text to stand on public land, according to Van Orden v. Perry.

Of course, this judge is not interested in judicial precedent. He is just supporting these atheist organizations.

Make no mistake. The left’s goal is the elimination of everything traditional in America, from Christianity to the Constitution.

They must not be allowed to succeed.

Source: Todd Starnes

Image: Wikicommons


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