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Larry Nichols: I Was A Hitman For Bill And Hillary Clinton

Larry Nichols: I Was A Hitman For Bill And Hillary Clinton

Excuse us, FBI, would you care to take this man up on his confession? He admits that he was an assassin for the Clintons. It would seem that your job here wouldn’t be too difficult, he’s obviously more than happy to disclose everything.

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  1. Richard James Van Harn
    Richard James Van Harn January 11, 10:24

    you did not hear anyone of them saying this until 2008, now the flood gates have opened and we can tag 90% of the congress and senate with progressive, Hillary even interviewed Mr Saul Alinsky and she believes in every thing this communist said and believes as well as Obama and Mr Progressive George Soros. they are trying to get people use to the term by playing the progressive Ins commercial on TV every 15 mi because it is another thing owned by Mr Soros

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  2. Reginald Johnson
    Reginald Johnson April 13, 15:56

    Fediboyz Donaldsonville Rappers Check this$#%&!@*out

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  3. Fediboyz Donaldsonville Rappers
    Fediboyz Donaldsonville Rappers April 13, 16:13

    Damn, but the ironic part is that he is probably telling the truth.

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  4. Reginald Johnson
    Reginald Johnson April 13, 16:36

    Probably so

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  5. Tin WoodMan
    Tin WoodMan May 03, 21:42

    May be best for her to be indicted for national security

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