Joe Biden: ‘I’ve Never Been Gainfully Employed In My Life’

Vice President Joe Biden just admitted that he has never held a job in the private sector in his life, and now he is facing retirement from government. Sadly, he thinks that is amusing.

“I’ve never been gainfully employed in my life,” he said as the audience laughed. “I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do.”

Biden made his remarks during the National Urban League’s Legislative Policy Conference, vowing to work with the organization even after he left office.

“I’ve never cashed a paycheck in my entire life, you think I’m joking, I’m not,” he added.

“I remember the last campaign … I really got offended when one of the candidates said, that ‘I worked in a McDonalds and I had dreams.’ — Like I worked there and didn’t have dreams?” Biden said, before admitting that he had never worked at McDonalds.

“I didn’t have dreams in my neighborhood? Because my parents didn’t go to college I didn’t have dreams? A black kid played ball, he didn’t have dreams? His parents didn’t have dreams for them?” he continued.

Biden complained that more and more people today came away with a “distorted notion” that people from different backgrounds, means, or education that they dreamed “differently” from the rest of Americans.

No Joe, we do not resent anyone who has dreams. But Democrats seem to resent business and seem anxious to put business “in it’s place.” Politicians like Joe Biden assume that if you layer another tax on a business, they can simply pass the increase onto their customers. That is impossible, because the customers will find another business to patronize, or they will simply stop buying the product. Government does not have that problem because they are a monopoly, and if a “customer” decides not to “buy” the government product, they go to jail.

So Joe Biden is tickled because he has never had to work in the private sector for a paycheck. How can he possibly be effective and wise in doing his job if he does not understand what it is that business does, or what it is to compete in a challenging market? The logical solution would be to require that all politicians have at least five or ten years of experience working in the private sector as a prerequisite to serving in public office. That would at least help diminish the animus that many politicians seem to have for business, and it might even help drive the economy to new heights as government and business work together to help the nation grow and succeed. I do not expect to see that happen in my lifetime.




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