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ISIS Enjoys New Toyota Trucks – Courtesy Of The USA

ISIS Enjoys New Toyota Trucks – Courtesy Of The USA

ISIS has acquired the convenience of 43 Toyota Hiluxes trucks, courtesy of the United States.

The Toyota Hiluxes were on the ‘moderate’ Syrian terrorist wish list, so Obama obliged their wishes and sent them a few. Of course, the ‘moderate’ Syrian rebel terrorists, as Obama calls them, turn into ISIS terrorists once the cross the border. So…ISIS grabbed the trucks, of course, and perhaps made a small Thank You Party for Obama before taking them them across the border.
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  1. Logical
    Logical December 17, 22:35

    Poeple are considering about funds and asking qustions from Toyota over the vehicles seen in ISIS hand. Why the hell we dont ask questions on the Weapons. ??? Cars dont kill people. Guns do,,, and they are made either in US or Russia. sometimes in Europe too. so its time to shut down the weapon inflow.

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  2. Jonathan Cruz
    Jonathan Cruz March 27, 14:58

    Pedro Rangel

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