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Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?

Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?

Is the First Lady actually the first, First Man?

This issue has mostly been that of only a few speculators until Joan Rivers brought it into the mainstream when she told the world that Barack is gay and Michelle is a transgender…she died from a relatively simple medical procedure not too long afterwards.


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While this might seem like a post more suitable for the National Inquirer than anything else, the points brought up in these videos are do seem convincing.

Some body proportion differences between men and women, like shoulder to waist ratio, etc., remain mathematically constant.

It’s with these constants that we see Michelle’s body is mathematically that of a man, not a woman.

As unbelievable as this first appears, when placed alongside all the other unbelievable things happening to this nation, one can be brought to expect more of such implausible madness.


  1. Flora Bennett
    Flora Bennett January 06, 09:10

    Who cares?

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  2. Lisa Bendele
    Lisa Bendele January 06, 09:12

    Maybe she works out a lot?

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  3. James O Rogers
    James O Rogers January 06, 09:26

    Dont Know but Shes Sicking.LOL

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  4. Toby Bashaw
    Toby Bashaw January 06, 09:53

    funny how Obama,s agenda coincides with the gay movement and I sometime wonder what would happen to both these people if sent to the Islamic ISIS if they would kill them or allow this gay couple to reside with them giving their thoughts about gays and what they do to them when they are finished using them for their new #### in their members of the Islamic state

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  5. Greg Beck
    Greg Beck January 06, 09:58

    Stops ending this garbage

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  6. Daniel Crane
    Daniel Crane January 06, 11:21

    Joan Rivers said she was a tranny in one of the videos, and 2 months later she was dead from “complications”

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  7. Joe Ramirez
    Joe Ramirez January 06, 12:17

    I knew it, I knew it…..I knew that there was something weird about MOOCHEL….No wonder that Odumbo likes to him so much !!!!!!

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  8. Elaine Russo O'Brien
    Elaine Russo O'Brien January 06, 15:20

    Hey Mickey

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  9. Chase Kennedy
    Chase Kennedy January 06, 15:37

    I knew it

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  10. Genie Evans
    Genie Evans January 06, 15:45

    No she is a man portraying as a woman,she is a lying muslim.

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  11. Rudy Ebert
    Rudy Ebert January 06, 16:19

    I saw reports of this in November. I didn’t believe it then an don’t know. The report said that she was a missing football player.

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  12. Francine Stover
    Francine Stover January 06, 18:16

    Who let this thing out I love the zoo or did it xscape

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  13. Snytz O Snytz
    Snytz O Snytz January 06, 19:03

    I don’t know about that!, but she’s ugly!

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  14. Marilyn Hoffman
    Marilyn Hoffman January 07, 06:08

    only person born in chicago on the date obamas wife was born was michael laughn robinson——-shes a man baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  15. Marilyn Hoffman
    Marilyn Hoffman January 07, 06:09

    looks like there are two dicktatters in the white house

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  16. Sandra Griffin
    Sandra Griffin January 07, 06:16

    Please are we judging people by they’re shape now. No one is perfect.

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  17. Bob Appleton
    Bob Appleton January 07, 06:20

    That’s why she thought whe could slap the Queen on the back……she’s a woMAN.

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  18. Joseph Romano
    Joseph Romano January 07, 14:28

    She sure looks like one

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  19. Howie Shadle
    Howie Shadle January 08, 09:07

    No! Turn her around! Those hind quarters there are not from no man I would want to know (“NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT?”)

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  20. Emerald Robertson
    Emerald Robertson January 08, 16:41

    Joan Rivers was killed by these people for daring to point this fact out.

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  21. myhumbleopinion
    myhumbleopinion January 10, 19:11

    Finallypeople are beginning to wake up to the truth.Its hard to imagine why they have planned out such an elaborate scheme with such mind bending issues for us to wonder WTF. Both of them have lied to us from the very beginning,you can go down long lists of lies. In fact there are long lists of long lists starting from a list of broken promises the got him elected. A list of Co plete oppisites where he has said one thing and done the other. His very first lie is said before he even opens his mouth, just like Michele what you see is not what you get. In reality making a well known homosexual by going to the gay community in Chicago was just practice for a woman protraying a man. Who has gone just as far as Michelle infact farther the decieve.We have seen no real birth certificate for him cause one doesnot exist. Why are we not asking to see hers.We need to get to truth and then do something about it. We need to gett them to admit they came to deceive and what the agenda has been.But the fact that he protrayed to us that he was a Happily married husband and father when he ismt either should be enough of a reason to get him out because he is obviously there to do some major damage and.everuday he is I n office he passes more exevutive orders that damage our country.

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  22. Diane Robinson
    Diane Robinson January 11, 10:37

    Those muscular arms and that face could pass for one.

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  23. ντετεκτιβ
    ντετεκτιβ January 13, 11:38

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  24. Mr Chan
    Mr Chan January 28, 15:22

    Folks there needs to be a complete house cleaning at the WH the Senate,and Congress to rid our nation of these fakers.If we depend on our representatives to do the job it will never get done.Only God Almighty can do it Amen.

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  25. Ooro ja thurdibuoro
    Ooro ja thurdibuoro February 01, 13:00

    I dnt actualy bliv ths. I nid more proof

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