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Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?

Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?

Is the First Lady actually the first, First Man?

This issue has mostly been that of only a few speculators until Joan Rivers brought it into the mainstream when she told the world that Barack is gay and Michelle is a transgender…she died from a relatively simple medical procedure not too long afterwards.


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While this might seem like a post more suitable for the National Inquirer than anything else, the points brought up in these videos are do seem convincing.

Some body proportion differences between men and women, like shoulder to waist ratio, etc., remain mathematically constant.

It’s with these constants that we see Michelle’s body is mathematically that of a man, not a woman.

As unbelievable as this first appears, when placed alongside all the other unbelievable things happening to this nation, one can be brought to expect more of such implausible madness.


  1. Mut
    Mut July 23, 13:45

    are u mother fuckers out of your rotten minds? That woman is a woman for Gods sake!!!

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  2. CJ
    CJ March 20, 06:12

    I have larger hands than most girls and some boys. Had enough insecurities about that and now I find this videos about “male” and “female” proportionate? Are you serious? It was generalizing but didn’t mean some people don’t differ from “general”. I have wider shoulder than most women and from some male who was smaller than me (can we say small born male are females because of their proportion?). I have larger bones that cause my body to look bigger. oh f**k, am i a guy? I have longer ring finger than my index finger! But I have breasts and I had my menstruation as well. Omg, now I’m confused because of these so-called “scientific” proof of generalizing men and women. I would call you as the foundation of insecurity builder. So what if some girls have wider shoulder, longer ring finger, small boobs (that almost flat) and have protruding v****a?(it won’t be that protruding but I knew some people who have v****a that can be seen through the jeans-the v****a would look like a shape penis (as in the shape) especially if you wear tighter clothing. I’m so heated up cause this description of “general” proportion just doesn’t match up. Maybe most of the population have the proportion as you suggested but doesn’t mean there aren’t a smaller number that will not fit the “general” proportion.

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  3. Steve Zalewski
    Steve Zalewski May 27, 21:05

    Gary you are sick in the head you racist$#%&!@*

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  4. David Mauldin
    David Mauldin June 03, 17:17

    You can’t even spell

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