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Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?

Is the First Lady actually the first, First Man?

While this might seem like a post more suitable for the National Inquirer than anything else, the points brought up in this video are seemingly unassailable.

Some body proportion differences between men and women, like a man’s ring finger being longer than his index, shoulder to waist ratio, etc., remain mathematically constant.

It’s with these constants that we see Michelle’s body is mathematically that of a man, not a woman.

As unbelievable as this first appears, when placed alongside all the other unbelievable things happening to this nation, one can be brought to expect more of such implausible madness.


Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?


  1. Steve Shadle
    Steve Shadle August 22, 04:57


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  2. Marvin Gibson
    Marvin Gibson August 22, 05:19

    better question. Is she human?

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  3. Nancy Hatten
    Nancy Hatten August 22, 05:21

    I think you are crazy.

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  4. Paul Oliver
    Paul Oliver August 22, 05:43

    Of course a Manchurian family for the Manchurian president

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  5. Walt Keza
    Walt Keza August 22, 05:46

    A dude no question.

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  6. Randall Achorn
    Randall Achorn August 22, 06:19

    It has already showed us Its dick ans adam’s apple.

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  7. Sidney Green
    Sidney Green August 22, 06:52

    You people are so hateful smdh. He won 2x get over it damn. Everything you post is ridiculous. Promoting hate all the time. Jealously /envy not good traits

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  8. Eugene Schreiber
    Eugene Schreiber August 22, 07:15

    Look at high school pictures ?????

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  9. Henri Pol
    Henri Pol August 22, 07:27

    This must have been plagiarized from the Onion.

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  10. Warren Walker
    Warren Walker August 22, 08:13

    She sure looks and acts like a trannie and she doesn’t look or act like a woman.

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  11. Robert Kelley
    Robert Kelley August 22, 08:21

    Thanks to the progressive agenda

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  12. Harry W. Hart
    Harry W. Hart August 22, 08:27

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all!!!

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  13. Janice Elder
    Janice Elder August 22, 09:00


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  14. Janet Sorrels
    Janet Sorrels August 22, 10:47

    cant stand it whatever it is

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  15. Robert Fiske
    Robert Fiske August 22, 11:48

    Hey took the video off

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  16. Frakesha Batfghop
    Frakesha Batfghop August 22, 14:21

    she is a terrible human being

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  17. Karen Morris
    Karen Morris August 22, 16:04

    YES IT IS !

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  18. John Wyatt
    John Wyatt August 22, 17:14

    Wouldn’t that be funny. What is next?

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  19. Rodney Windsor
    Rodney Windsor August 22, 21:32

    Does it matter

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  20. Douglas Waldron
    Douglas Waldron August 23, 01:10


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  21. Richard Newman
    Richard Newman August 23, 04:46

    well , one of them should have a set of balls

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  22. Jeanne Nocita
    Jeanne Nocita August 23, 06:44

    This is BS! I don’t see why we keep seeing this, for 75 years my ring finger has been longer than my index !I am female with 3 kids ! That being said I think moochell is a filthy worthless poor excuse for a male or female and in the end I hope she gets what she deserves !

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  23. Myrl Dodson
    Myrl Dodson August 23, 06:53


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  24. Jim Walters
    Jim Walters August 23, 08:58

    She does appear to have several male attributes especially when it opens it’s mouth big.. Looks like the male mountain ape

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