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Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?

  • Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?

    Is the First Lady actually the first, First Man?

    While this might seem like a post more suitable for the National Inquirer than anything else, the points brought up in this video are seemingly unassailable.

    Some body proportion differences between men and women, like a man’s ring finger being longer than his index, shoulder to waist ratio, etc., remain mathematically constant.

    It’s with these constants that we see Michelle’s body is mathematically that of a man, not a woman.

    As unbelievable as this first appears, when placed alongside all the other unbelievable things happening to this nation, one can be brought to expect more of such implausible madness.




    1. Bradley Thomason
      Bradley Thomason September 06, 18:53


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    2. Damien Harper
      Damien Harper September 06, 18:54

      Looks like a drag queen

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    3. James Hunt
      James Hunt September 06, 19:11

      Dude looks like a lady.

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    4. Glenn Bailey
      Glenn Bailey September 06, 20:43


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    5. Clyde Hodges
      Clyde Hodges September 06, 21:07

      Sasquatch !!!!!!

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    6. Timothy Peters
      Timothy Peters September 06, 21:24

      HE/SHE needs to leave the WHITE HOUSE and AMERICA

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    7. Billy Ennis
      Billy Ennis September 07, 03:06

      I knew it!!!

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    8. Colleen Wheelan Schmitt
      Colleen Wheelan Schmitt September 07, 05:31

      Get a life people. She had two kids. She may be ugly, unfit for the whitehouse, a socialist, racist, bigot, and a whole schloo, of other things, but alas, she’s a she.

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    9. Willy Thompson
      Willy Thompson September 07, 06:47

      This could explain part of the cover up about obama past,The children could have been adopted, and obama ( according to reports was a frequent visitor to gay clubs)

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    10. Eugene Schreiber
      Eugene Schreiber September 07, 08:41

      Go back to high school and college pictures and see

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    11. Leona K Fereinio
      Leona K Fereinio September 07, 09:04

      i believe there is a change of this, just with for a change they would be honest. but if they were honest the very people they support would kill them.

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    12. Sandi Kirk
      Sandi Kirk September 07, 09:30

      I could care less whether this be true or not, & frankly, I am saddened it’s even brought up in the first place. All I care about is the business at hand & how or why it’s accomplished or not.

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    13. Jean Leatham
      Jean Leatham September 07, 10:46

      wouldn’t be surprised. Want them both gone!!!!! OUT of the WHITE HOUSE—-MOOCHES

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    14. Barbara Pierson
      Barbara Pierson September 07, 13:00

      She’s truly a troll. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were a “put together” family- he was groomed as one of many hopefuls to make it through like Russian couple spies- only leftist Muslim spies! Did she actually have the girls? But in the long run, I just don’t care!

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    15. Yeaton Bonnie
      Yeaton Bonnie September 07, 14:02

      some claims they are adopted

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    16. William Pierce
      William Pierce September 07, 18:38

      YES! A tranny Gorilla!!!

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    17. Tony Wolfman
      Tony Wolfman September 07, 20:06

      Just look at her. I mean damn!!!!

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    18. Sandra Critser
      Sandra Critser September 09, 14:22


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