Illegal Immigrants Submit a List of Demands to America in a New ‘Bill of Rights’

The first thing listed on this document is a request not to call illegal immigrants illegal immigrants or aliens. Well, what are you supposed to call them. They want them to be referred to as human beings. That’s already implied, and it’s not very specific. You can read a few more of their demands below.

“The Undocumented Immigrants Bill of Rights” (headlines for simplification):

1. Not Allowed to Say “Illegal” or “Alien”:

“Acknowledgment that we are already here, that we are human beings with a right to be, that our mere presence cannot be deemed illegal or our existence alien.

2. Dignity and Respect

“Affirmation that we are to be treated with dignity and respect, not just because of who we are, but who you are – historic beneficiaries of immigrant struggles for the freedom to be.”

3. Pathway to Citizenship

“Recognition of our right to be presented with a path to citizenship/residency as the first priority of future immigration policy combined with interim deferment of all law-abiding Undocumented Americans against detention and deportation.

4. U.S. Birth Certificates for Children

“Compelled authorization of birth certificates for our U.S.-born children to ensure their constitutionally guaranteed right to citizenship.”

5. No “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” (Deportation, Incarceration, e.g.)

“Protection against cruel and unusual punishment, including the separation of our immediate families and incarceration without charges, hearings or representation.”

6. Public Education, In-State Tuition

“Access to non-discriminating public education and in-state tuition to ensure that our children realize their full potential for themselves and the country.”

7. Wage Equality

“Guarantee of wage equality with a legal right to petition for wage theft or workplace mistreatment without jeopardizing our immigration status.”

8. Medical Care

“Assurance of humanitarian treatment, including medical care.”

9. No Deportation After Reporting Crimes

“Protection against detention or deportation when we report a crime as a victim or witness.”

10. Same Guaranteed Rights as Americans

“Guarantee of the Declaration’s unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The last two things on the list are a demand that illegal immigrants not be deported after reporting crimes and that illegal immigrants should be guaranteed by the U.S. government rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That being said, why even bother with borders. If liberals had their way, they would have entrances to America every mile across the Mexican border. With the United States debt soon to reach twenty trillion and the $113 billion a year that illegal immigration costs the taxpayers, this all sounds like a bad idea.





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