GOP’s Loss in Kentucky Signals How Weak the Democrats Really Are

Incumbent Republican Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky lost his reelection bid on Tuesday to Democrat Andy Beshear in a state that went to Trump by 30 points in 2016. Yet, little was mentioned in articles or stories about the loss and how Bevin was wildly unpopular in the state after taking on the highly corrupt department of education who ran massive amounts of negative ads against him because he dared to cross them by questioning their terrible results in student testing and their continued demands for extra funding and benefits.

Like career politicians, career school administrators are keen on the ability to stoke the fears of the parents in any state when their funding is threatened by dirty, double-dealing Republicans who want to starve our children and poison our air and water. It’s a pretty clear template that comes into focus each and every time a GOP politician with any power attempts to reign in unnecessary spending, especially when it affects “the children.”

In this case, the same scholastic powers that work the nation over in a playbook-type union operation that has helped them to attain so much political prowess, Bevin found himself pitted against a well-funded Soros machine that was relentless in its negative ads and claims that Bevin was causing Kentucky’s children to fail and not have opportunities that other states’ children were granted. Parents all over the Bluegrass State were subjected daily to these attacks by the school system that boasts academic success which places them in 38th place among the 50 US states and territories, according to the newest statistics by testing.

Interestingly, this loss for the Republicans was not viewed by the mainstream media as a hard-fought battle, but as a monumental failure for Trump. Somehow, with all this information well-established regarding Bevin’s troubles with the pension systems of the school unions and his weekly budget fights with administrators, the Washington Post had this headline this morning: Kentucky outcome embarrasses Trump and worries many Republicans ahead of 2020!

It’s not even that they had the audacity to lie simply get their Trump thoughts from the local dime-store psychic palm reader on the corner, but that they couldn’t even give Democrat Beshear any credit. All the credit in the story goes right to Bevin himself, who according to the author of the hit piece, Robert Costa, lost because “he was also a devotee of the president, embracing Trump’s agenda and his anti-establishment persona.”

So, how bewildered is Beshear today in his election win when he reads in the Washington Post that he, himself, had nothing to do with his victory? Add on top of that the fact that reporter Costa also decided that the impeachment inquiry was also a driving force behind why Bevin was defeated.

Washington Post:

And in the contest’s final days, Bevin sought to cast his candidacy as a bulwark against House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry of Trump.

But Bevin’s attempt to nationalize his cause by stoking conservative grievances about the impeachment process was not enough to overcome his problems nor was Trump’s raucous rally for the governor on Monday — raising questions about Trump’s political strength as he faces a barrage of challenges and a difficult path to reelection.

In a contest where nearly a million Kentuckians voted, Beshear and his campaign funding, combined with the Soros payout efforts and the Department of Education’s negative ad blitz, the embattled governor still only lost by less than 5,000 votes. Somehow, I’d call that “squeaking by,” but then we are talking about one of the most dishonest papers in the country, aren’t we?

To their credit, they make a footnote mention of the fact that every other Republican on the ballot won, including the first-ever black Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, but the moment that author Costa puts that note down in his article, he’s quick to go back on the offensive against Trump and the GOP, making unsubstantiated claims that the Republican Party is in “deep distress over these results.” My guess is that he talked to exactly zero Republicans in the state before writing this piece. Just a guess.

At the end of the day, it appears that the Republican Party needs to be more proactive when it comes to responding to threats by multiple outside Progressive groups that are attempting to take the entire nation on this Leftward lurch toward Socialism and Communism. If the polls are correct and honest, 70% of our children who are a direct by-product of the American public school system, admire and defend Socialism and favor Communism. These signs should be troubling to America, but more so, they should push conservatives to action in regards to getting out a clear message to the public that we are not going to be shoved aside in the wake of one close governor’s race loss.
This is one loss in many victories over the last three years for this president. It is many more wins in the past decade for the Republican Party than any Democrat will care to admit. One of the best things that ever happened to the GOP was the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Thanks to the Anointed One, the RNC managed to grab a majority of the statehouses, governorships, senators, representatives and supreme court justices and federal and district judges. And now, the entirety of the 2020 Democrat candidates are espousing anti-American pro-Socialist and Communist ideology.

If anyone should be worried, it’s certainly NOT the Republicans or President Donald Trump.

Source: Washington Post

Image: Gage Skidmore


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