Frightening Percentage of American Youth Think Communism is Cool

Winston Churchill once said, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.”  Another very wise Brit, and also a Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, also pointed out, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

The American Progressive Left in academia finds these quotes to be trite and quite offensive.  In fact, many in this country who are tasked with the ultra important mission of educating our young people think quite the opposite.  The Harvards, Yales, Columbias and Browns of yesterday no longer exist in today’s society under the auspices of American culture and historical dominance.  They despise the concept of American exceptionalism and rue the day that the federal government began to infuse many more Conservative thinkers because this only led to the inevitable cracking down of education funding, particularly when it involved the Ivy League halls of higher learning.

One of the most appalling viruses that have infected American academia today is the belief that education is one predicated on activism and collectivism rather than singular academic achievement.  Striving to be the best is no longer the goal in our American university systems, but a scolding from the schoolmarms to sit down, shut up and not read ahead of the group.  The textbooks have been completely sanitized of any mention of the words America and exceptionalism, both of which cause a severe revulsion by anyone loosely associated with higher learning.

For many of us who grew up in the public education system, this comes as no surprise.  There were times when it seemed quite useless to argue with a teacher regarding a poem or a math assignment because they always seemed to have some hidden cache of wisdom or knowledge from which they pulled in order to prove their own point.  The difference today is that the student is no longer able to argue of the merits of the work, but rather on whether or not his/her opinion matters, based of course on the color of their skin, or their religious persuasion, or their political bent.  In today’s university, having anything other than an all-inclusive far-Left agenda-driven opinion is disallowed and, quite frankly, destructive to the well-being of all the other students.  Of course, all-inclusive is paired with far-Left because one cannot operate without the other.  All-inclusive is Liberal code language for non-Conservative.

What is galling, though, is the Left’s obsession with forcing the Conservatives in this country to, not only accede to their viewpoints and demands for “fairness” by foregoing all other opinions, but to also accept these viewpoints, totally and sincerely.  Without the full acceptance of the Right, they are merely racist, bigoted, misogynist, homophobic White supremacists bent on the destruction of all other living human entities on this planet, plain and simple.  Without full acceptance, there can never be peace between our two sides, according to their mission statements.

Is it any wonder that the hateful rise of Antifa has occurred, spawned quite literally from the campuses of America?

As for the growing sentiments of adoration for Socialism and Communism, this dangerous combination of youth and propagandistic approach to education is setting these future leaders up for colossal and unimpeachable failure.  Anyone who believes that the European Union is going in the right direction has a ton of financial, judicial, and social research that they are either ignoring or just plain refuting.  Things are not good in the Land of Make Believe (otherwise known as Socialism and Communism).  If anyone wonders for a moment how it would be live in a Leftist Utopia, they should look no farther than Venezuela, where Nicolas Maduro has just authorized the construction of chicken coops in the classrooms to stave off the rampant famine overtaking the country.

Lest you start pointing to Sweden, know that the rate of anti-Semitism in the capital city of Stockholm, or Malmo for that matter, is so high that Jews cannot walk the streets alone for fear that they will be beaten or worse.  Women in that nation cannot guarantee that they will not be abducted and raped by a certain migrant population.  Socialism is so effective in that nation that a mere 30% of the nation works to afford the taxes necessary to fund the living expenses of the rest of the population, while the government and the royal family members live high on the hog.

If Socialism and Communism are so preferable to Capitalism, why is it that the United States currently enjoys the most vibrant and successful economy in the world today?

The solution is pretty simple.  While it may not be the top concern of the Right at this moment, it should still be near the top of the list.  What the GOP needs to do is begin to put pressure on the funding apparatus for any American college or university that actively campaigns for and receives government funding.  Whether it’s in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions, it’s way past time that the higher echelons of the academic world begin to appreciate the gift of labor being afforded to them by the very people they despise.  It’s time that they desist in this mission to trash the American way of life, and the traditional values of its hard-working people, as well as the exceptional history of the nation’s founding, and follow the commonsense strictures of a system that partially funds their curriculum.  If they are going to take, they also need to be completely impartial.  If they still don’t like those rules, they’re more than free to stop taking government hand-outs and go it on their own.  Brigham Young and Hillsdale do much of that themselves.

These children need to be told the truth.  They will never get such truth from their school teachers or professors.  It has to come from their parents and grandparents, neighbors, and peers.  The next time a youngster comes to you to extol the virtues of Socialism or Communism, remind them of his amazingly deadly saying:

You can vote your way into Socialism, but you can only shoot your way back out.


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