Five Obama Schemes Funding the Resistance Against Trump

There is a lot you can say about the Democrat Party. One of those things you cannot say is that they are honest…about anything. We are consistently assaulted by the massive dishonesty on a scale unimagined by the Right and sit in wonderment how the DNC Network Media continues to turn a blind eye to their own sanctimony.

We often wonder, too, how it is that many of their most worthy leaders are really the very definition of hypocrisy. Over and over, the most abusive members of their party toward the American people, their colleagues, their employees, staffers, etc., appear to be elevated higher every day. Like the talk radio show king, Rush Limbaugh, has always said, “The biggest failures on the Left are the most worshipped and are subsequently relegated to superstar status.”

Look at Hillary Clinton. The woman could not lose more than she already has, yet she is their gold standard. Al Gore, Tom Daschle, Al Franken, Al Sharpton, Joe Biden…the list goes on and on. The more they fail, the more they’re idolized. Even the Hollywood Arrogant fall into that category. How about Lena Dunham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin, etc., etc. They don’t understand the meaning of has-been or never-was. To the Left, once a superstar, always a superstar, despite their failings.

Except, of course, if that Leftist makes a Right turn. Then, holy hell breaks loose and the demons fly out of their hiding places. Look what happened to Jon Voight, Ron Silver, Clint Eastwood, or Sony Bono. The moment they came out of the Republican closet, their names were dragged through the Hollywood mud.

Recently, though, another prominent Democrat has become a virtual assembly line for betraying his party. Barack Hussein Obama and the former First Lady, Michelle, who made a splash in the political world for the Democrats not seen since the likes of Bill Clinton and JFK. He was their Anointed One…the man who would roll back the days of racism and climate denying. The Obamas would work to end world poverty, war and famine. They would stop the senseless money-laundering by government officials through obscene speaking fees, lobbying and finally, they would bring dignity back to the presidency, something that was lost on America when that disgusting wretch of a man, George W. Bush, was in office illegitimately.

Now, in their time out of the White House over the past three years, the Obamas have ramped up their image and put their personal wealth into overdrive. How did they do that, you might ask. Easy! They did what every politician has done since the 1960s. They revealed their true selves and intentions and became…GASP…Capitalists!

THE WALL: Barack Hussein Obama famously poked fun at candidate Donald Trump’s suggestion that a wall would be built on the southern border, calling it “un-American.”

Directly after leaving the White House, however, the Obamas moved into a wonderful multimillion-dollar mansion with a very high wall all around in order to keep out intruders, ne’er do wells, and the prying eyes of the vast Rightwing conspirators. At that time, the Obamas had set up a daily morning briefing with all members of the press, perpetuating the existence of The Resistance that has proven itself a formidable enemy against the American people and the rule of law. Even today, this very hour, the Resisters are feverishly working overtime to overturn the 2016 election results.

NETFLIX DEAL: Barack Hussein Obama maligned many on the Right for taking money from lobby groups and special interests, railing on them as being dishonest and taking financial gain out of the hands of the people who built this country, only to line their back pockets. He detested the way the Right was using talk radio and people like Dinesh D’Souza to capitalize on his misfortunes and spread disinformation about his policies.

As soon as the Obamas had secured their residence down the street from the White House in their new walled mansion, they jetted on over to the Netflix executives’ homes to pen a contract with the streaming giant for a whopping $90M deal to produce a series of non-political productions in an effort to teach young people and change public perceptions of certain important societal issues.

Within a few months, the Obamas announced the creation of their production company, Higher Ground. Soon after, they were served with a notice by a business owner who already had a production company entitled Higher Ground. Rather than merely change the name, or offer commensurate value to the business owner of the original name, the Obamas opted instead to mobilize an army of attorneys bent on making sure that the business owner backed down and submitted to the will of the Anointed One. The business owner?  She is an African American woman. The trademark dispute is still underway in the courts.

More recently, the Obamas pressed on with their production schedule, creating a video that demonstrated how the Chinese government was stealing American jobs under the Trump administration’s current trade policies. Then, their next project focused on the impeachment of the president. So much for not being about politics.

In a related issue, Obama, who was four-square against any sort of cushy deal with the Saudi government because of his close ties to Iran and the mullahs who sat in judgment of that country, is remaining dead silent on the news that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is defending their decision to continue to censor their content based on a demand by the Saudi government to do so. So much for taking a stand against dictatorships and tyranny.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Barack Hussein Obama certainly toed the party line when it came to Global Warming. In his speech to the world in the shadow of the Roman Pillars of Truth, Obama noted that he could watch as the sea levels had begun to fall, just by virtue of the very fact that he was elected. His stance on climate change was so fanatical, in fact, that he weaponized the EPA in order to begin the greatest insurgence of regulatory law through presidential fiat ever attempted by a sitting president. While it pleased all his worshippers in the DNC and their state-run media, it virtually killed all prospects of a burgeoning economy after a colossal crash of the housing market in 2007 and ’08. Since then, Obama has been moaning about his regulatory fixes being summarily wiped away by President Trump, in essence creating a climate crisis by these actions.

A few months ago, the Obamas made a bid on another multimillion-dollar mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, directly on beachfront property, ensuring an enjoyment of the daily sunsets and lukewarm Bay State sand. Apparently, the climate crisis spurred on by Trump wasn’t enough to warn the Obamas off purchasing this cherry property at such an affordable price.

SPEAKING FEES: Once upon a time, Barack Hussein Obama was commanding upwards of 10K per speech as a senator from Illinois. His words were wise, spot-on, and polished. Back in those days, he was not an advocate of $100K+ speaking fees. There was no call for that type of overindulgence. In his eyes, if you were working for the betterment of society, like his time working as a personal attorney for ACORN, fending off lawsuits about corruption and money-laundering, then there was no reason why your service shouldn’t be payment enough. Oh, how times have changed.

A year ago, Obama netted $400K for a speaking fee at a prestigious Leftist event. A few Progressives mumbled and grumbled under their breaths about how this was excessive, but little was done by the DNC-Network Media to cover that fact. It was hushed up and the story was spirited away, undoubtedly stored in the same location as the Bill Clinton rape claims, Jeffrey Epstein investigations, and fawning Harvey Weinstein interviews.

Last month, Obama netted a $600K paycheck for a speaking fee in Bogota, Columbia when he addressed the EXMA consortium, the largest marketing and business event of the year and one of the largest in Latin America. Seems like ACORN is a distant memory.

RACISM: Barack Hussein Obama certainly had one large thing going for him and that was that it was quite impossible to say a single critical thing about him without being accused by the full force of the DNC-Network Media of racism. If any other president had done half of the things that he did by executive order, they’d have been run out of the country. Instead, Obama literally had the run of the table when it came to bending the rules, especially when those rules involved the US Constitution.  Anyone remember while on the campaign trail, Obama told the audience, “I don’t look like all those other guys on the dollar bill!”  We won’t mention the fact that there is only one “guy” on the dollar bill.  His wife, Michelle, was also a very adept handler of the racism card, her sleight of hand almost nearly as skilled as her husband’s. She spoke clearly about what it meant to be black growing up and how this stigma cast by racist whites in this country stood to hold them back and not allow them to be successful, especially when running for public office.

Recently, the former First Lady was speaking at an engagement on stage where she bemoaned the racist white people in Chicago who were fleeing the city for the suburbs and attempting to escape their black neighbors. She said that the “white flight” was still happening today. “Y’all were runnin’ from us,” she said to the white folks in the audience.  And charming, also, how the appropriate accent change comes out to drive the point home.  Hillary found that to be quite effective herself, if you remember.  This, after the Obamas literally fled Chicago to go live among the white folks in the elitist communities of Massachusetts. Must be nice to have the luxury of being an armchair racist while calling other people racists.

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Image: Chicago Tribune


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