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Feminist Celeb: We Need ‘Euthanasia Vans’ To Drive Around And Get Rid Of All The Old People

Feminist Celeb: We Need ‘Euthanasia Vans’ To Drive Around And Get Rid Of All The Old People


Hopkins suggests that we create “euthanasia vans” that drives door-to-door and kills off the elderly.

“We just have far too many old people,” the feminist says. “It’s ridiculous to be living in a country where we can put dogs to sleep but not people.”

According to Hopkins, this can be carried out stylistically, you know, with a flair.

“Euthanasia vans — just like ice-cream vans — that would come to your home,” Hopkins says “It would all be perfectly charming. They might even have a nice little tune they’d play. I mean this genuinely. I’m super-keen on euthanasia vans. We need to accept that just because medical advances mean we can live longer, it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.”

Hopkins: people with dementia are ‘blocking beds,’ and there’s no point to their lives

Hopkins’ off-color comments weren’t made completely out of the blue. Great Britain has been wrestling with whether or not to allow assisted suicide for some time now, an idea that’s repeatedly been shot down by the Parliament. But Hopkins is tired of all this concern for human life and wants to see all those gray-hairs six feet under as quickly as possible.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Hopkins has shown such disdain for the more vulnerable members of society. A recent “tweet” she posted to Twitter openly mocked dementia patients and their propensity towards forgetting things, writing:

“Babe I’m here again, I’m here again, where have you been. Babe I’m back again. I’m back again Where have you been? Take That Dementia style.”

And just like how she views the elderly, Hopkins is of the persuasion that dementia patients are pointlessly taking up space in hospitals and care facilities, and should be put to sleep. The Mirror Online reported on a related Hopkins tweet that stated, “dementia sufferers should not be blocking beds.” It proceeded to question the point of their lives.

It’s inevitable that Hopkins will someday become one of the many senior citizens in British society that she so despises. And based on the continued regression of health throughout the West, she’s also got a pretty good chance of developing dementia at some point in the future.

Both of these factors make Hopkins’ distasteful comments rather harrowing for her own survival — who, but the most gracious among us, would repay such a vile woman with kindness in her old age? Considering Hopkins isn’t married and loves to run her mouth off at every chance possible about the merits of euthanasia, it’s difficult to see how she’ll even make it into her sunset years.



  1. Jimmy Pachall
    Jimmy Pachall February 22, 10:57

    Those vans need to eliminate all young libtards before they can vote or reproduce.

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  2. Nancy Robert
    Nancy Robert February 22, 11:08

    If any thing we need to euthanize stupid people starting with this stupid$#%&!@*lady, then Obama and all the liberal democrats and illegal immigrant muslims brought here to the USA by Obama!!

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  3. Deborah Brown
    Deborah Brown February 22, 11:47

    You first

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  4. Karen Melim
    Karen Melim February 22, 12:06

    Someone should put this woman down. She is taking up too much space by her own dementia. I agree will assisted suicide but she just plain wants to kill people.

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  5. Barry Leonard
    Barry Leonard February 22, 13:46

    Perhaps we should have vans to euthanize stupid celebrities!

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  6. Opal Jean Blackshear Jaquette
    Opal Jean Blackshear Jaquette February 22, 20:49

    people like you???????????????????????????????

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  7. Dick Pfister
    Dick Pfister February 27, 18:35

    First stop be your place.

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  8. BAZ
    BAZ June 20, 02:30

    There you go again Ms Hopkins with your impish humour, I don’t think you mean half of what you say,and just say it to stir things up,… which is very ammusing, and I enjoy a good laugh too. I believe in Euthanazia but when I want to go, not because of my age love, I am 81yrs this year but feel far from topping myself just yet !!! carry on with your good work love, as I say I love a good laugh. x

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