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FEMA Orders $1 Billion Dollars Worth Of Disposable Coffin Liners

FEMA Orders  $1 Billion Dollars Worth Of Disposable Coffin Liners

Why has FEMA ordered and stockpiled:

– $1 Billion dollars worth of disposable coffin liners
– 14 million body bags
– 140 million long-life meals or MREs

Is this in anticipation of a natural disaster? In anticipation of massive civil unrest?

Does all of this still seem to ‘far out’ there to be believed?


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  1. Jared Page
    Jared Page January 04, 08:26

    Steve what else do you expect from people who sign up for a GOV CHECK ??????

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  2. Loren Smith
    Loren Smith January 05, 04:11

    Time to get it together folks !

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  3. Nick Mitchell
    Nick Mitchell January 05, 19:11

    I would think this is for a natural disaster type scenario.

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  4. Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith January 06, 10:48

    We can only hope they’re for liberals! (y)

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  5. Emerald Robertson
    Emerald Robertson January 08, 16:45

    For people like me that refuse to shut up and keep calling them *this Admin) on their BS! If you post anti Ovomit on FB you can expect a visit.

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  6. Lacolle
    Lacolle March 10, 11:57

    These have been around for a long time, with the speculation of “why?”

    They are very real places, with very real stacks of these things, and they are NOT located in secret locations, but right there, in front of everyone’s nose.

    The fact that these are located in every state and with the same kind of fencing, like a prison, they sit empty. Some locations, where the cities have made being homeless, illegal, they are taking the homeless there and holding them, to keep them from panhandling on the streets for food or what ever.

    They all just started appearing, as you guessed, in 2008.

    These locations and all these plastic coffins, which are used for crematory use, the locations do not fit the norm for “natural disaster”, as someone posted before.

    If you are just now learning about this, you have been turning a blind eye to what all the rest of us have been raising mortal hell over.

    You’re just now seeing the reality of what the rest of us have been raising red flags about.

    You also need to look at the so called “outbreaks” of things, that has happened in the past couple of years.

    You think that Swine Flu and all the other outbreaks were accidental?

    Guess again.

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