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FBI Publishes Report Stating Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

FBI Publishes Report Stating Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

The FBI released crime statistics last year showing that no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012 – the Sandy Hook Shooting – despite the media reporting that numerous schoolchildren and faculty were killed that December.

Why would the FBI release such a report? Did nobody in the process of publishing this material take notice that they were reporting no deaths for this event?

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  1. Jenf
    Jenf December 02, 17:15

    Why dont you take your sick disgusting theories and lies and shove them up your childish ass??! Innocent children died, you lowlife piece of s**t. Families are hurting and you spread this pure evil s**t. Way to cause more s**t

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  2. Rob
    Rob July 25, 22:44

    Thank you.

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  3. Annoyed Citizen
    Annoyed Citizen August 02, 02:42

    We should hunt down these ‘actors’ and kill them for real. Making light of a tragedy is the lowest of low. I would gladly sacrifice myself to see these terrorist actors full of real holes..

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