Ex-Soviet General: ‘Nuclear Conflict Is Inevitable’

Is a nuclear WWIII inevitable? One former Russian general believes that it is.

“Russia will not accept any kind of defeat, so the involvement of nuclear weapons is inevitable,” he said in a recent interview with Russia’s Channel 4 news.


When asked if the US and Russia might “face off against each other” with nuclear weapons, he replied: “Of course. I repeat: you cannot control military confrontation between Russia and the United States.”

Last week Buzhinskiy warned that Putin would respond in kind if “Russian blood is spilled” during the US-led Syria strike.   “We have several thousand advisers in all military installation in all military units,” he said. “If Russian blood is shed then Russia will retaliate.”


Here’s another interview with the general, which took place before America’s strike on Syria:

Source: SHTF Plan


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