EU Leaders Use Crisis to Solidify Their Power

Breitbart notes that although this is a fraction of the real scale of the problem and the ongoing stampede caused by the German call, there was no agreement.

In fact reports suggest quite a strong degree of hostility to his plan from Eastern European countries. The nation states had spoken and they refused.

Then a strange thing happened. The European Parliament Martin Schulz appeared on German national television, ZDF. And during an interview about the migrant crisis and the lack of EU solidarity, Schulz said: “We will eventually have to use force and fight to push ahead” that in the end the countries would have to be forced to do the right thing. This led to some slightly hysterical online reaction with some Poles believing that the tanks were revving up to cross the border.

Source: Breitbart

Many euro-sceptics across the continent were happily predicting the demise of the whole project. With that kind of leadership in the face of such an on the ground crisis, one should agree to give up the illusion of a united Europe.

Amazingly, the European Parliament passed this law demanding everyone take refugees and share the burden. It passed with an overwhelming majority. With a deep sense of self-satisfaction on many these out of touch leaders truly believe that they are doing the right thing, while ignoring the headlines.

Europe will eventually collapse under the weight of a simple, skewed, parliamentary vote.



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