In the Crosshairs of the US Special Forces

If there was ever such a time to be joyous for the return of troops unharmed in battle, it should be now.  Not only have our special forces taken out one of the most despicable human beings on the face of the planet, al-Baghdadi in Syria, but they also took down his number one replacement in the leadership role.

Not many could have predicted that Donald Trump could literally outsmart the entire Washington DC Establishmentariat, but it happened…and the egg on the faces of the Deep State, the DNC, the neo-Conservatives, the Globalist Cabal and the Fake News Media couldn’t be more sunny-side-up!

Rush Limbaugh has espoused a recent thought that this whole move to “withdraw” the troops from Syria was engineered to fool the ISIS leader into believing that the US had finally given up on its quest to nail him.  He believes that Trump may have actually done one better by fooling the entire Establishmentariat of the Swamp.  Remember that it was only a few days ago that the entire media and the DNC were bemoaning our abandonment of the Kurdish allies in Syria.  They were warning with a crooked wagging finger that this would most certainly lead to a rise in ISIS and embolden them both abroad and domestically.

The media wasted no time in painting this picture with the full intention of turning this whole troop pullout story into a negative campaign on the Trump administration, assisting the flagging Democrat 2020 candidates, as well as shoring up a drowning Democrat Party in the House of Representatives.  What it actually accomplished instead, however, was the clever PR that was needed to coax the cowardly ISIS leader out of his cave and reveal himself.

It worked like a charm.  Little more than a week had gone by when Kurdish remnant forces in the region reported the whereabouts of the ISIS leader and his intent on causing more havoc in the vicinity.  That led directly to President Trump contacting the Russians and informing them that we would be utilizing their airspace briefly.  Trump actually told the Russian emissary that they would “really love why they’re using the airspace.”  Without delay, the authorization was granted and US helicopters flew into Syrian territory and immediately homed in on the compound of the ISIS leadership.

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