Court Rules Citizens Don’t Have the Right to Grow Veggies on Their Own Properties

Homeowners no longer have full jurisdiction over their own properties. Just take a look at the case unfolding right now in Village of Miami Shores Florida.

150 years ago growing a garden could be a matter of life and death. No one would have ever possibly suggested that growing vegetables was not a constitutionally protected right. But, today the thought of a family growing some non-gmo vegetables is just too much of a risk to public safety.

Apparently the right to feed yourself and your family is indeed not a fundamental one, as a Florida attorney previously declared.

A longstanding battle between 17-year homeowners at the Village of Miami Shores, Tom Carroll and Hermine Ricketts, appears to have reached its sad conclusion. In 2014, the couple was advised by town officials after a re-zoning plan that they would have to dig up their front-yard edible garden or face fines of $50 per day for the newly created infraction. The couple subsequently sued based on a constitutional infringement upon their right to use their own private property as well as a violation of the equal protection clause.

What is truly crazy is that the ONLY reason they are being fined is that they are growing healthy eatable vegetables instead of flowers!

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