Clinton-Blumenthal Tied to 2nd Dossier in New FBI Document Dump

The release of the Libya files regarding Clinton and Blumenthal and the illicit scheme to recover the offshore accounts of the Gadhafi family are revealing in many more ways than previously believed by Judicial Watch or other observers keen to the investigations.

The revelation about a 2nd Trump Dossier is like something right out of a Tom Clancy novel and is a gift-wrapped package custom-made for the GOP. Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA officer, got together with Blumenthal to begin collating massive amounts of opposition research on Donald Trump. With the assistance of Cody Shearer, a former Clinton operative and aide who had “extensive contacts within the Libyan government,” the three of them produced a secret 2nd Trump Dossier.

Real Clear Investigations:

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Blumenthal and Shearer were actively preparing opposition research on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Two memos prepared by Shearer claimed, as did the Steele dossier, that Donald Trump had been compromised by the Russians.

One of the people they used to pass on these false allegations to the FBI was Jonathan Winer, then a U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for international law enforcement and former special envoy for Libya.

Winer declined to comment for this article, but in a Washington Post op-ed in February of last year, he explained his meeting with his “old friend” Blumenthal. When the two met in September 2016, Winer had already met with Steele and was familiar with the contents of Steele’s dossier on Trump. “What struck me was how some of [Shearer’s] material echoed Steele’s but appeared to involve different sources,” Winer wrote. For instance, both reports contain unproven allegations that Trump was filmed during sexual acts at a hotel in Moscow.

After the Blumenthal meeting, Winer passed Shearer’s material on to Steele. “[Steele] told me it was potentially ‘collateral’ information. I asked him what that meant. He said that it was similar but separate from the information he had gathered from his sources. I agreed to let him keep a copy of the Shearer notes,” Winer recounts. He further states: “I did not mention or share his notes with anyone at the State Department. I did not expect them to be shared with anyone in the U.S. government. But I learned later that Steele did share them — with the FBI, after the FBI asked him to provide everything he had on allegations relating to Trump, his campaign and Russian interference in U.S. elections.”

This revelation by Winer is ultra-important because, according to the testimony under oath by Christopher Steele, he had no American corroborating evidence…it was all Russian or Ukranian. In other words, if the FISA warrants sought by the FBI had included “American” influence, the judge would have wanted to know from which source this information issued. Had they told the FISA court that the American evidence came from Sidney Blumenthal and Fusion GPS, they would have had to implicate Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

Instead, the FBI omitted that information in order to secure the spy warrant on Carter Page.

Turn to the next page to read about how this all wraps up and how the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax has always been about hundreds of millions of dollars funneled directly into Clinton and Blumenthal coffers and has never been about our national security!



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