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BUSTED: Harry Reid Owns 93 Acres Next to Bundy Ranch

  • BUSTED: Harry Reid Owns 93 Acres Next to Bundy Ranch

    Harry Reid has run 52 ranchers out of business so far, just like their recent efforts with Cliven Bundy, because of his ownership in Reid Bunkerville, LLC, which holds 93 acres in Nevada.

    The parcels seem to be in the way of future development with the Chinese, which may even involve a freeway interchange and loop, and all sit west of the same general area as the land where all these ‘trespassing cattle’ graze.

    We all know that the Reid crime syndicate had ulterior motives for the attacks on Cliven Bundy. Here’s the proof.


    Below are the parcel numbers of land which the Clark County Assessors Office lists as owned by Reid Bunkerville, LLC, who coincidentally updated their company records on April 17, 2014. The parcel map with ownership data will be shown for the three parcels Reid Bunkerville, LLC owns,  below the linked parcel numbers.


    REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-901 #002-26-301-002

    REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-004

    REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-005

    REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001





    To put some of this into context and to provide readers a starting point on why parcels and ownership listings are not only important but should be researched extensively, please note that three of those four parcel numbers above are listed as Bunkerville jurisdiction, where Mr. Cliven Bundy’s ranch is located.


    Parcels above and below are listed as owned by USA, jurisdiction listed as Mesquite, two examples of that shown below.


    USA #002-26-202-001

    USA #002-26-301-001


    The last one listed above for Reid Bunkerville, LLC, (REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001) directly borders another parcel in Bunkerville, and shows the “owner” as Bureau of Land Management (BLM), not the USA as the examples above are.


    REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001

    BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT #002-26-601-002





    According to descriptions of the BLM, their job is to “administer” or “manage” public lands, yet they are listed as “owners” of the parcel directly connected to the Reid Bunkerville parcel.


    It is also noteworthy that a Google map from Mesquite Nevada, through Bunkerville, down to Riverside, goes up to a fully functional and built intersection that loops back around to Mesquite, shown in the image below.



    Zoning and development are driven by “business loops”, which use high speed intersections from freeways that cost taxpayers millions of dollars. These can instantly raise property values for landowners in the right place who know where the development is going to happen. Decisions for the infrastructure are controlled by state and local and generally involve money from the federal government.


    Below is a comprehensive report of properties owned by Reid Bunkerville Trust and Reid Bunkerville LLC, showing over 30 properties in the Bunkerville and Mesquite area.



    1. Beth Kissel
      Beth Kissel November 10, 19:42

      No wonder he was so involved in the Bundy situation…what a dirty crook !!!!

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    2. Patrick Murray
      Patrick Murray November 10, 19:45

      Harry and all the rest need to be in prison

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    3. Steve Bogdan
      Steve Bogdan November 10, 21:18

      Aw, shoot back or shut up.

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    4. Deb Widaman Hoefling
      Deb Widaman Hoefling November 10, 21:31

      Harry Reid is a corrupt politician!

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    5. Patricia Galle
      Patricia Galle November 10, 23:44

      This land should all be returned to it’s owners. This is shameful. Reid needs to be in prison.

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    6. Connie Lucas
      Connie Lucas November 11, 01:43


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    7. Jimmie G Walker
      Jimmie G Walker November 11, 02:36

      Oxygen Thief

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    8. Paul Saar
      Paul Saar November 11, 03:39

      Reid is a thief and should be investigated by congress and FBI.

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    9. Judy Vis
      Judy Vis November 11, 04:39

      Run him out of business –get him out of the gov’t

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    10. Sondra Clement
      Sondra Clement November 11, 05:12

      Reid is a crook & should be in jail’

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    11. Margaret Mahoney
      Margaret Mahoney November 11, 05:37

      told you

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    12. Lesa Mason-Mullen
      Lesa Mason-Mullen November 11, 05:48

      Put that goat out to the pasture already!

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    13. James Duncan
      James Duncan November 11, 05:54

      I applaud and support Cliven Bundy, and he’s going to need support for a long time. Just because Reed is out of control of the Senate does not mean he has lost all his power and money. He has a lot of crooked friends in high places.

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    14. Shirley Ducker
      Shirley Ducker November 11, 06:37

      Send his butt to China….

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    15. Helen Bernice Jones
      Helen Bernice Jones November 11, 07:10

      Harry reid is a dirty crook

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    16. Marie Schade Wood
      Marie Schade Wood November 11, 07:58

      He sounds like to of those “varmints” from the range wars of decades past. Expose his evil plan and arrest him for conspiracy to defraud.

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    17. Donald Sofia
      Donald Sofia November 11, 08:11

      What a vindictive, arrogant bastard Reid is, I am shocked one of those ranchers hasn’t taken him out yet.

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    18. Gary Shoafstall
      Gary Shoafstall November 11, 08:46

      and old harry would have you think he is for you.and donald harry maybe demented but he’s not stupid he stays away from arizona.i keep hoping he will go sit down with bundy for coffee and donuts.

      Reply to this comment
    19. Margaret Matatich
      Margaret Matatich November 11, 11:01

      old efin greedy basterd

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    20. Dennis Hibbard
      Dennis Hibbard November 11, 11:44

      Who has run who Outta Business? James 5:1 -7 he Better Repent and be Converted Acts 2:38

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    21. Cherie Teeple
      Cherie Teeple November 11, 11:55

      I am so tired of these politicians stealing

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    22. Don Rippey
      Don Rippey November 11, 12:19

      WHAT does he and the Chinese have plans to do or build in this area that he is stealing for our people ? ? ? ? ?..DON’T trust this BASTARD ! ! ! !

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    23. James Janice Baggette
      James Janice Baggette November 11, 12:45

      dirty bastard

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    24. Danny Byard
      Danny Byard November 11, 18:20

      Reid will be MIA very soon if I know bundy.

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    25. Kevin Keenan
      Kevin Keenan November 12, 01:37

      Arrest the POS and take back the land to return it to the proper owners !!!!!

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    26. Quinton Cobb
      Quinton Cobb November 12, 06:06

      Yes, it was Harry and son’s interests

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    27. Tina Tuttle
      Tina Tuttle November 12, 06:52

      Giant butt head

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    28. Lesllie Anderson
      Lesllie Anderson November 12, 09:56

      I thought land grabbing was a thing of the past. Apparently not. He is still at it and getting away with it. Enough already.

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