Big Brother’s Next Step: Facial Recognition Technology

Big Brother’s Next Step: Facial Recognition Technology

Chula Vista Police Department and San Diego police departments are using a new tool to identify criminals: tablets utilizing facial recognition technology.

“If you aren’t a criminal, you have nothing to worry about”, being the mantra we’ve often heard before.

The officer in the video states it’s ‘only’ for people who are in a criminal database or ‘have been contacted by police before’.

That means they are storing all information on people who they use this on.

Of course, they state that they only use it ‘when needed’ and not for routine stops. However, with our seeing how our police force is becoming more militarized and with police brutality at all time highs, it’s obvious that this technology will soon be abused routinely.

Source: nbclosangeles.com
Photo: nbclosangeles.com


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