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Austrian Cops Tell Women Not To Go Outside Because of Migrant Muslim Rape Gangs

Austrian Cops Tell Women Not To Go Outside Because of Migrant Muslim Rape Gangs

Since the attacks in San Bernardino and the growing fear of more violence that has accompanied President Obama’s Syrian migration plans, the American media has reported less and less of what’s happening with the migrants who have flooded all across Western Europe. In the months since the migration epidemic began, things have gone from bad to worse to unrecoverable.

Amongst police reports coming in from Norway that the capital city of Oslo has been lost to Muslim inflicted violence, Austria, Germany, Sweden and Finland are all on a similar path. The migrant insanity has created waves of predatory sexual violence by migrant gangs and has resulted in a lockdown for many women. Police in Vienna are advising women not to leave their homes without male accompaniment.

Authorities in Finland and Sweden also issued the same warning on Friday. These warnings have been issued as Western European governments continue to cover up violent incidents to avoid reprisal attacks and damage to the tourism trade.

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  1. Lisa Foster
    Lisa Foster June 29, 02:09

    Go for the balls lady’s . Bring guns and knife. Cut that fucker right off. He will never do it again. I’m serious cut it off.

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  2. Alan Rzeznikiewicz
    Alan Rzeznikiewicz June 29, 04:44

    What a bunch of c**p these people are. Low life Scum!!!

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  3. Ed Alcobia
    Ed Alcobia June 29, 05:15

    Burn the muslums in the tracks

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  4. Gail Bullard
    Gail Bullard June 29, 06:19

    Glad I am not there

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  5. Jim N Ginger Goris
    Jim N Ginger Goris June 29, 07:12

    Suggest a 45 cal to take care of those pigs.

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  6. Robert Olson
    Robert Olson June 29, 07:53

    Don’t corral them, the Muslims need to be killed. We can’t afford to keep them in jail.

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  7. Robert Harrison
    Robert Harrison June 29, 10:38

    The answer is shoot to kill!

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