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4-Star Admiral: Obama Is Leading The Muslim Brotherhood, Who Has Infiltrated All US Security and Intel Agencies

4-Star Admiral: Obama Is Leading The Muslim Brotherhood, Who Has Infiltrated All US Security and Intel Agencies

“The transformation has been in the full swing ever since 2008,” states 4-Star Navy Admiral James A. ‘Ace’ Lyons, the former Commander-in-Chief of the US Pacific Fleet.

“We’ve gotta helluva job ahead of us. With the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies and, as reported by some, our lead intelligence agency headed by a Muslim convert, this is not going to be an easy task,” the Admiral further stated.

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  1. Bee Nice
    Bee Nice February 22, 01:11

    R u on crack r just plain oh stupid dude go find another life .

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  2. Bee Nice
    Bee Nice February 22, 01:16

    This ole bastard should tried for treason for talking against the leader of this great country and any ex of current militany is subject to it .

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  3. Bee Nice
    Bee Nice February 22, 01:24

    she to young and stupid to understand

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  4. Daniel J Ahern
    Daniel J Ahern February 22, 02:40

    Rocky Garner what does that mean? You make it sound like this was more than you care to do, but doesn’t really show why. Just not something you care for?

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  5. Daniel J Ahern
    Daniel J Ahern February 22, 02:41

    The insanity. The insanity.

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  6. Yolanda Sison
    Yolanda Sison February 22, 18:27

    You figure it out. Google. K

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  7. nunya buis
    nunya buis May 04, 07:16

    Allahu Akbar and thanfully

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  8. William LaSalle
    William LaSalle May 11, 07:40

    The Hamas are the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists in Palestine.

    You may remember the Muslim Brotherhood, they are the monsters that worked with Adolf$#%&!@*during World War 2 and were not punished at the Nuremberg Trials because the Allies thought they could use them against the Communists. Hassan al-Banna, who created the Muslim Brotherhood, was a follower of Adolf$#%&!@*and worked with him.

    Today the Liberal Democrats are Communists and history has proven the Muslims are worse than Communists.

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  9. William LaSalle
    William LaSalle May 11, 07:45

    How much do you know about Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Group that created Mohammed Morsi’s Arab Spring ?

    The Democrats have became Communist Muslims.

    It is history, not a damn conspiracy theory.

    The Hamas are the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists in Palestine.

    If you only want the lies of the Pope, the United Nations, our Government, our Media, and Barack Obama, you need to stay off the Internet and watch TV.

    Barack Obama, the United Nations, the Pope, and our Media spread lies all over the world.

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is not Islamic, and the Muslim Brotherhood is not Muslim.

    Not one Damn Incumbent in the United States, Hilary Clinton, George Soros, Louis Farrakhan, and Barack Obama are not in prison where they belong.

    Why did the Communist George Soros support Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, the Global Warming Scam, and the violence, Terrorism, and Coup in the Ukraine ?

    To help bring Islam and Socialism to the world, for the same reasons the United Nations supports Gun Control, the Global Warming Scam, and Islam.

    The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan al-Banna was a follower of Adolf$#%&!@*and worked with him during World War 2.

    From an early age Hassan al-Banna was attracted to the extremist and xenophobic aspects of Islam which were hostile to western secularism and its system of rights; particularly women’s rights.

    Find out more from UK Essays here:

    When he graduated in 1927, he was appointed as a teacher of Arabic grammar in a primary school in Ismailia, a new small town in Egypt with a semi-European quality. It hosted the headquarters of the Suez Canal Company and a sizable foreign community. In Ismailia al-Banna started to preach his ideas to poor Muslim workers, local merchants, and civil servants, warning his listeners against the liberal way of life of the Europeans in town and the dangers of emulating it. It was here he won his first followers, who encouraged him to form the Society of the Muslim Brethren in 1928.

    For Hassan al-Banna, as for many other Muslims worldwide, the end of the Caliphate, although brought about by secular Muslim Turks, was a sacrilege against Islam for which they blamed the non-Muslim West. It was to strike back against these evils that in March 1928 along with a group of his “Brothers,” Hassan al-Banna created the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Similar to the groups that Al-Banna joined since he was twelve; the Brotherhood at first was only one of the numerous small Islamic associations that existed at the time where the members preached to anyone who would listen about the need for moral reform in the Arab world. These associations aimed to promote personal piety and engage in charitable activities.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s ideals were based on the notion that Islam was a comprehensive way of life, not simply a religious observance. In its infancy the Brotherhood was a religious, political, and social movement with the basic beliefs that, “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”

    Islamic Law is hate and was responsible for the Genocide of the Ottomans during their entire reign, their Ottoman Barbary Pirates and the Slave Trade, World War 1, and all the radical Islamic Terrorists today including the Hamas, the ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood..

    Sharia Law at work for Obama’s friends in Iran destroy and abuse Human Rights and Freedom each day.

    How different are the nations with Sharia Law and Islam that belong to the United Nations from the Terrorists of the ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, and Hamas ?

    Not so much.

    It is as easy as a b c if you are not a complete moron.

    In our world you can share love with each person you meet with each word and deed or you can be a liberal, democrat, or Terrorist.

    Iran is just like every other nation with Islamic Law. Iran is just like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Qatar.

    Iran’s abuse of human rights, including the hangings of hundreds of dubiously convicted citizens — in several cases minors — has soared over the past year, even as the Obama administration has yielded to Tehran’s demand for an extension in precarious international talks over the Islamic republic’s disputed nuclear program.

    With more than 560 executions over the past nine months, and a high-profile Iranian-American journalist detained for undisclosed reasons, rights groups and regional analysts say Iran’s record may be worsening in the backdrop of potential detente with the West.

    Just after 600 AD, Islam spread child abuse, abuse of women, violence, and war across our world.

    The more things change, the more they remain the same.

    Today, Islam spreads child abuse, abuse of women, violence, and war across our world.

    Islamic Law is child abuse, abuse of women, torture, violence, rape, murder, and war.

    In nations that operate under Islamic Law every child and every woman is a slave.

    Climate Change is the weather, the world has real problems like Liberals, George Soros, Barack Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood, Illegal Aliens, the New Black
    Panthers, the Nation of Islam, Democrats, and radical Islamic Terrorists.

    Barack Obama’s and Hilary Clinton’s support and praise of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists and Mohamed Morsi’s Arab Spring was Treason just as Barack Obama arming and funding the Al Qaeda is Treason, John Kerry and Barack Obama working with Iran is Treason, and funding and supporting the Hamas is Treason.

    The Muslim Brotherhood were Terrorists when they were created, they were Terrorists when they worked with Adolf$#%&!@* they were Terrorists when they were banned in Egypt, and they are Terrorists today.

    The Hamas are the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.

    The New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam are Terrorists on United States soil and Barack Obama and his Administration’s working with them is Treason.

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