Sussex Man Jailed for Posting Anti-Muslim Comments on Facebook

Sussex Man Jailed for Posting Anti-Muslim Comments on Facebook

Perceived hate speech is a prosecutable offense. Who makes up what constitutes hate speech and what constitutes freedom of speech? No one knows. It is impossible to definitively define.

Liberal censorship of Islam is very tricky to understand. Stating facts about Islam can be considered hate speech. If an average everyday white self-professed Christian man were to marry a 6-year-old child, we’d all be allowed to publicly call him a pedophile. Let’s call this imaginary white guy, “John Doe”, we don’t want to risk being too original. Liberals hate that. So, any news organization could say “John Doe” is a pedophile who married a 6-year-old girl. Now let’s talk about a real guy from history. Now, this guy isn’t white. He spoke Arabic. He wrote a really famous book between 609 and 632 CE. Hateful white people say he did something very similar to what our imagery “John Doe” did except he also said God wanted him to marry the child in order to bring her great pleasure and happiness. And that’s about the extent of what we can say about that unnamed guy, who’s not white, spoke Arabic, wrote a famous book starting with a Q, without censorship banning us from this communication platform.

That is why one always needs to be careful. As Nigel Pelham found out when the FBI knocked on his door with a shocking warrant that many are calling unconditional on multiple levels. It’s all on the next page.

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