SHOCK: Marine Veteran Attacked By Violent Mob for Wearing MAGA Gear

A brawl broke out near the Trump Hollywood Walk of Fame star this Thursday when a Marine veteran and pro-Trump journalist wearing full MAGA gear were attacked by a leftist mob.

The video shows an enraged man, who appears to be Hispanic, getting in the face of journalist Elijah Schaffer, who was accompanied by singer Joy Villa and the veteran. The angry man continued to repeat the phrase, “I can say nigger if I want to” twice before Schaffer tells the man to “get out of my face.

The anti-Trump zealot threw the first punch at the veteran after which another man involved in the first confrontation physically assaulted the veteran and Schaffer.

Other anti-Trumpers join in the fray, even attacking a man filming the fight.

See video of the confrontation taken by Joy Villa, who wore a “Make America Great Again” dress at the 2017 Grammys, on the next page:

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President Donald Trump’s Hollywood star, or what was left of it, was the scene of a brawl this Thursday that involved anti-Trump zealots and a trio of pro-Trump conservatives.

An anti-Trump zealot spoiling for a fight is seen in the clip — the man hating on the president for no other reason than that is what he is indoctrinated to do courtesy of pop culture and the entertainment industry.

(This being evident in a longer YouTube clip where he was given the opportunity to express himself and could only muster a, “F*ck Trump,” before showing his *ass — literally.)

The highly agitated, aggressive cretin got in the face of a Trump supporter and tried his best to provoke a fight, prompting another man to step between them.

Another person then attacked the man serving as a barrier, who quickly went on the offensive.

“Hey, he’s a Marine!” someone can be heard yelling as others jumped in.

As if that was necessary, considering this one individual was willing to take on the entire crowd… and representing himself well in doing so.

Elija Schafer, who was with Villa, posted a longer clip showing a camera guy getting attacked also, adding that someone in the crowd stole the “$3,000 camera.”

“So now wearing a Trump jersey with @Joy_Villa is enough to get your crew beaten up in Los Angeles. Jk. We stood our ground. They stole our $3000 camera. PayPal or Venmo @elijah-Schaffer PLEASE. Need to replace it to film.

The full confrontation begins at 24:35:

Source: Bizpacreview