Haitian Gov Official Found Dead One Week Before Scheduled to Testify in Court Against Clinton Foundation

Mainstream media’s silence over the so-called “suicide” of Klaus Eberwein is telling. They may as well be running a breaking news headline over the bottom of the fake news screens screaming “The Clintons have done it again” 24/7 over the past week.

Eberwein was a former Haitian government official preparing to testify and expose the extent of the Clinton Foundation corruption and money laundering next week.

And the evidence surrounding his death suggests that much like all of the rest of Hillary’s victims, he didn’t want to commit suicide…

He was leading a full and busy life and more tellingly of all – hell-bent on exposing the Clintons as selfish, murderous, ruthless, globalist crooks that hold a psychopathic disregard for the welfare of the Haitian children they were claiming to help.

The Miami-Dade, a local newspaper in Fl, obtained the medical examiner’s records and the official cause of death listed. And much like all Clinton’s underhanded doings, it raises more questions than they hoped would die along with their victims. More details on his death and his upcoming testimony against the Clintons on the next page:




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