‘Child Trafficking Camp’ Discovered on Clinton Foundation Donor Property

Although Tuscan police say that there is no evidence of child sex-trafficking at a homeless camp in Arizona, which one veterans’ group claimed on social media to have found on May 29th, the evidence found indicates otherwise.

Veterans on Patrol stumbled upon the encampment in Tucson, Arizona on Friday, but it wasn’t a typical homeless camp.

In the middle of the desert, they found trees with restraints on them at the site, children’s clothing, a baby crib, a stroller, an outdoor bathroom, pornographic material, hair dye and a five feet tall underground cave that had a dresser and crates. The cave was not big enough for an adult, but a child could easily fit inside.

“The solar lights are what gave it away. If we hadn’t been walking on the right trail we would have never seen it, we would have walked right past it,” one of the veterans, Lewis Arthur, toldArizona local affiliate KOLD. “And we are right there and our city is right there, our children are right there and it’s not my problem if it’s not in my backyard. Now it’s in our backyard.”

After finding the encampment, the a homeless advocacy group notified Veterans For Children Rescue, “a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist law enforcement and Non-Governmental Organizations to eliminate Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking,” according to the organization’s website.

Now it has been discovered that the land is owned by CEMEX, a Clinton Foundation donor who once received a $7 million dollar contract from the Clinton Global Initiative to build homes in Haiti some 2.5 years after the quake.

But the connection goes even further with the death of one woman, Monica Petersen, who was investigating the Clintons involvement in child trafficking in Haiti.

With the discovery of a child trafficking den on CEMEX property, the culmination of facts seems too great to be brushed off as mere coincidence. Turn the page for details on the death of Monica Petersen:




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