Hilarious! Watson Takes Down Warren Over Creepy Attempts to be Relatable

Paul Joseph Watson’s new video “Elizabeth Warren is not Human” got a quarter million views on YouTube within just a few hours for good reason – he perfectly takes down Warren for her latest attempts to come across like a relatable person.

Will liberal ever learn from the trove of mistakes Hillary Clinton has committed in her attempts to come across like an authentic human being?

From her attempts to cast herself as a brave person with the ‘Bosnia sniper fire’ lie from ’96….

…to her infamous ‘hot sauce’ incident during a radio show for black Americans where she claimed to carry around hot sauce in her purse, Hillary Clinton’s many zingers, gaffes and easily called out lies should serve as a warning for other phony liberals to work on actually being authentic. Well, as the old saying goes, a leopard can’t change its spots.

Here’s Watson’s video:


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