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Elizabeth Warren Busted Creating a Giant Government Slush Fund

Elizabeth Warren has a lot more to hide than just her non-existent Cherokee bloodline passed down to her through her grand pappy’s fibs.

Before this nasty squaw [cultural appropriation take of ‘nasty woman’] ran for Congress, she used her diversity hire strengths to help create the monstrous government agency called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to aid the Obama Administration in destroying America.

When the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill was making its rounds through Congress back in 2010, authorization for the CFPB was slipped into the bill and passed in a stunningly chilling partisan vote, every Democrat in the house enthusiastically voted.

Then Senator Judd Gregg warned at the time,

At the time — and later on the floor of the Senate — I pointed out that the CFPB’s director would be the most powerful bureaucrat in Washington since J. Edgar Hoover reigned over the FBI.

I was wrong. The director of the CFPB dwarfed Hoover as a rogue director of a rogue bureau. The power invested in the director of the CFPB was, and still is, unencumbered by any limiting authority of those elected to govern.  

And Elizabeth Warren crafted the bureau this way for a very particular reason.

What Elizabeth Warren conjured-up in the musky socialist law dens over at Harvard is, well, it’s on the next page, and still alive and trying to monopolize your tax dollars in the unabashed name of tyrannical government.

Head on over to find out the horrific abuses uncovered by President Trump’s new appointment as director of the CFPB, Mick Mulvaney.

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Elizabeth Warren is outraged over the fact President Trump had the audacity to kick out Obama era Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) czar and appoint a man on board with going after corruption.

Was the real reason behind Senator Elizabeth Warren’s outrage over Mick Mulvaney’s appointment as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) about her own political survival?

Warren claims she is just worried about the everyday people who might get screwed over by big business, but alas as the great William Shakespeare put it, “This lady doth protest too much methinks”. Much like Harvey Weinstein claiming to be a supporter of women, only to be exposed as the potted plant loving swine that he is, Warren appears to have been the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse.

The New York Post’s Paul Sperry reports that the CFPB is engaged in a wide-variety of corruption.

Everything from amassing secret ledgers to using penalties to ‘launder,’ funds into left-wing causes. Of course, because the CFPB operates independently of the U.S. Government, a full audit of the agency’s balance sheet have never been done. This sad reality may very well change under Mulvaney’s leadership.

The New York Post goes in to explain how the CFPB was designed by Warren to act as a giant slush fund for socialist endeavors.

Bounced business owners and industry reps from secret meetings it’s held with Democrat operatives, radical civil-rights activists, trial lawyers and other “community advisers,” according to a report by the House Financial Services Committee.

Retained GMMB, the liberal advocacy group that created ads for the Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns, for more than $40 million, making the Democrat shop the sole recipient of CFPB’s advertising expenditure, Rubin says. […]

Funneled a large portion of the more than $5 billion in penalties collected from defendants to community organizers aligned with Democrats — “a slush fund by another name,” said a consultant who worked with CFPB on its Civil Penalty Fund and requested anonymity.

And of course, the CFPB almost exclusively only does contracts or business with far-left groups and politicians.

The CFPB awarded GMMB, the Obama-Hillary ad firm, a $14.7 million contract for “agency media and resource communication,” in June of 2017 and a $16 million payday to marketing materials about student loans and mortgages.

“Most likely President Trump will not appoint a replacement until Mulvaney has exposed the corruption within it. That sunlight is toxic to Elizabeth Warren and can potentially be politically destructive to the Democrats.” wrote Sundance of Conservative Treehouse on November 27th.

While the amount revealed pales in comparison to what is really ‘under the hood,’ it’s important to remember the CFPB’s activities are shrouded in mystery. Perhaps, not for long if the Trump administration gets its way.

I would never advise being hopeful, merely on principle, but it would seem more likely than not that President Trump has more up his sleeve than just “Pocahontas” for taking out Warren during the probable 2020 Presidential Election.

The CFPB is deliberately set-up to remove accountability from tyrannical government bureaus welding mass amounts of power.

He [the CFPB director or czar] is a person who under Dodd-Frank answers to no-one.

His agency receives its funding without any limitation or congressional oversight, as it has a “put” to the unlimited resources of the Federal Reserve rather than the congressionally-appropriated budget.

The director of the bureau is essentially an unelected, unaccountable czar of an agency that can exercise enormous power over the economy — and especially over the ability of people on Main Street America to obtain credit.

The authors of this section of Dodd-Frank intentionally facilitated this overreach because they did not want to be hampered by elected government.

A pre-Senate Elizabeth Warren— she was a professor at Harvard Law School at the time — designed the structure of the CFPB.

It appears she skipped the course on the concept of government being accountable to the people, which is at the core of our constitutional system.

Source: Gateway Pundit, The Hill

Image: Ninian Reid

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