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1995 Video Surfaces Revealing Who Obama Really Is

1995 Video Surfaces Revealing Who Obama Really Is

In his 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama never revealed the identity of a mysterious mentor cited 22 times only as "Frank". In the audio version of his book, all references to "Frank" were deleted.

Even after we learned back in 2008 that "Frank" was Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and had 600-page FBI file devoted to him, the mainstream media never confronted Obama as to the exact nature of the relationship with Davis while growing up in Hawaii.


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  1. Michaelf Stark
    Michaelf Stark April 14, 18:03

    >>>>> HELL-O, USA…This loser, is the real “CON-DEM”……..!!!

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  2. Lynn Heater
    Lynn Heater April 14, 18:07

    Many of us know all this yet he is still president and has yet to be impeached. Nothing is ever going to be done for his deceptions and activities against the U.S.

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  3. Brandon Perea
    Brandon Perea April 14, 18:08

    He must be overthrown

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  4. Robin Pittman
    Robin Pittman April 14, 18:08

    Why are you still $#%&[email protected]*ing about Obama. We are stuck with him. Post some $#%&[email protected]* on Hillary.

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  5. Linda HIckman
    Linda HIckman April 14, 18:08

    Muslim communist.

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  6. Allen Hale Jr.
    Allen Hale Jr. April 14, 18:09

    Dear Liberal Democrats and Obama supporters : Its people like you that have put America in the perilous position were in today!! Liberal Democrats that bury their heads in the sand and refuse to admit that the ” Black Liberal Muslim Messiah ” is a failure as the Leader and Protector of our country !! He’s divided our country racially with his ” If I had a son ” theatrics and his ” Al Shapton/Eric Holder racebaiting Ferguson tactics “,… every time a black is killed he screams ” racism ” from his pulpit in the Oval Office, and turns loose his ” dogs from hell ” – The Justice Department !! RACISM is the only finding he will accept!! His hatred of the Military is evident everyday as he fires, dismisses, or forces to retire,.. the experienced leadership of all branches of our Military !! Then he wants to fill the ranks with ” ILLEAGLE ALIENS” that are loyal to him !! He has cut and slashed and scaled back our once mighty Military to levels below that of WWII – then he opens our borders and floods our country with illeagles, and gives them food, housing, jobs, medical care, and even drivers license’s – all at the expense of the American taxpayer !! He hands out money daily to countries that chant DEATH to AMERICA,.. as our VETERANS live in squalor and are given substandard health care !! Every night in AMERICA over 44,000 Veterans are homless, hungry, and sleep on the streets they fought to protect !! HE IS A DEVOUT MUSLIM,.. as he proves daily with his actions, or lack of actions, and the vile Anti-Christian/Pro islamic rhetoric that he spews to the m$#%&[email protected]*es during speeches, or televised photo-ops !! He releases murdering terrorist that are responsible for tens-of-thousands of deaths with the stroke of his mighty pen, and he regards the Cons$#%&[email protected]*ution of The United States and the Ammendments there in, .. as suggested rules-to-follow…. If he see’s fit !!! The Islamic Third Reich murders innocents by the thousands daily, and chant “Death to America ” in foreign lands and threaten America and its people with rape, murder, and various forms of barbaric torture… not seen since Biblical times,…. and he refuses to call them what the truly are – barbaric murdering savages from a cult named Islam – they are bloodthirsty TERRORIST’S !!! The fact that he hates ISRAEL is evident in his actions and policies,.. and by sending US Taxdollars to Israel to sway the recent elections away from Netanyahu ……. AMERICA MUST STAND WITH ISRAEL !!! His so called tough negotiations with the nation of IRAN on nucleur weapons, has been scoffed at and criticized by friend and foe alike,… He as the puppet master and John Kerry as his puppet, gave the Iranians everything they wanted, and more !! The Ayatolla procaims it as a total victory over the infidels of the west,.. and his treaty with the SATANIC country of Iran jepordizes our closest allie in the middle east’s very exhistance !! He and his Presidency will go down in history as the most fraudulent and criminalistic lie ever perpetrated on America and its people !!

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  7. Rock Morrison
    Rock Morrison April 14, 18:09

    Yeah thank you for that info now..6 years into a two term presidency.

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  8. Chris Rinker
    Chris Rinker April 14, 18:13

    WHO gives a duck he is Satan irrevilent bull$#%&[email protected]*.

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  9. Carla Pate
    Carla Pate April 14, 18:14

    He can now be honest with his dishonesty . Now wrongs are made right and snotty rebellion against GOD , and his people is the damnation of our country with his so called elite . But JESUS CHRIST Judgement will come ! And he is prisoner to his Father of Lies …

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  10. Tony Wallace
    Tony Wallace April 14, 18:14

    He s lying $#%&[email protected]* who wants to destroy America

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  11. Bert Teague
    Bert Teague April 14, 18:15


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  12. Karin Jehn
    Karin Jehn April 14, 18:15

    I never want too !

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  13. Judith Holidy
    Judith Holidy April 14, 18:16

    knew about this in 1939, believe it then and still do. have been fightin for long time. people don’t believe you if your not well known. big deal some of us know how to hide their intelligence.

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  14. Victor Nin
    Victor Nin April 14, 18:16

    Obama definitely borrowed that jacket,look at it!

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  15. Regina Robinson
    Regina Robinson April 14, 18:19

    Yes, he did say back then – we will destroy you from within. The education system, the press, our government officials…all contributing to the demise of our once great country.

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  16. Jonathon Supper
    Jonathon Supper April 14, 18:21

    Bro-bama: Let me be clear, i will get donnie-darko (the movie) “frank” on you right now

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  17. Chad Williams
    Chad Williams April 14, 18:21

    Take a good look at Frank marshall davis and obama. That’s his real father. They look almost exactly alike. Joel Gilbert has a real good do$#%&[email protected]*entary on it call “dreams from my real father”.

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  18. Jacin Duran
    Jacin Duran April 14, 18:24


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  19. Katelynn Laine
    Katelynn Laine April 14, 18:25

    no matter who is president….Jesus will always be King, Savior and Lord

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  20. Jason Jackman
    Jason Jackman April 14, 18:30

    See that’s the problem everyone says, “god will punish god will punish” but what has god ever done? It’s time to fight back or we lose every sense of humanity we have left

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  21. Kurt Hoobing
    Kurt Hoobing April 14, 18:31

    Very true! And bill Ayers wrote his books!

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  22. Troy Walters
    Troy Walters April 14, 18:31

    such a goat $#%&[email protected]*er!!!!!

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  23. Carla Pate
    Carla Pate April 14, 18:33

    He made us and them . And the evil that is in them . We have choice ..

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  24. John L Johnson
    John L Johnson April 14, 18:33

    If J Edgar Hoover was still around,Obummer wouldn’t have cheated his way into the Presidency.

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  25. Nicol Pough
    Nicol Pough April 14, 18:36

    blah blah

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  26. Samantha Hopes
    Samantha Hopes April 14, 18:37

    For starters, investigations into him should lead to conclusive evidence finding him guilty. So far even multiple republican investigations have been unable to find him or his administration a part of any wrong doing.

    But keep throwing tax payers dollars at him in hopes one will stick. Good luck.

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  27. Gary Collins
    Gary Collins April 14, 18:41

    Allen Hale Jr. You are spot on sir.

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